Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sabbath Gratitude

So like lately, I was plagued with insomnia. Which meant, I didn't doze off until 5:30 this morning! Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Anyway, it was a struggle to stay awake for the two little ones that are super energetic from abundance of rest and having a quiet day. It was a struggle to get up and do anything that required standing up in fear of falling over from feeling sleepy!

Now that you get the picture of how tired I am... Let's move on to the positives- instances that made me want to cry from overwhelming gratitude. (Sundays do have that tendency if you take the time to see, hear and listen)

First, the kids let me sleep in though I couldn't. (It maybe because they put up a tent in the living room which took up all the space...)

Next, they cleaned it all up and made me a bed on the couch plus some awesome snacks (we're talking chocolate here people!)

Then, Ian told me a great joke:
Ian: Mommy pretend you're my teacher and ask me to spell VACUUM

Me: Ian, please spell VACUUM


Me: That is wrong. There are two U's.

Ian: I know, I said W because there are two U's. Get it? Double U.

Of course, there's Pandora (dot com) that you can pick your own songs according to what you like only. For Sundays, choose Kenneth Cope. The best part, it's FREE!!!

I really love my tablescaping blog and the love from the comments are just so overwhelmingly wonderful that I truly wish that I can meet all these wonderful women. Most are grandmothers, but I think, I'll fit in just fine...

Plus there are the awards that above mentioned women bestow each other in the name of blogging friendships. So cool!

Then, you all know that Lisa's Academic Decathlon Team made State and off they went to Houston. Throughout, she texted and called. Most were just today's and she's missing my cooking. How awesome is that?

Our Sundays are not always perfect, reverent or quiet, but it certainly is the day that we always find reasons to be grateful for what we have.

How is your Sunday so far?


Steph B said...

Our Sunday has been great. We heard wonderful talks this morning. Preston was reverent and survived the 2 hours. Matt and i both got a nap (recovering from a SUPER busy day yesterday). And I am home with those most dear to me. Thanks for asking!

Lara said...

Lots to be thankful for indeed! Lucky you that your kids let you sleep in. Mine didn't. Not even the one that was throwing up all night. Sigh.

I loved Ian's joke.

Chandy said...

Steph: I'm glad you had a great time at the Stake Conference. We just couldn't go... Presto is the coolest!

Lara: I hope you get some rest soon...