Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Romance Amidst a Storm...

We waited for it by unpacking more of our stuff in the Living Room. As the light dimmed and we prepared for the storm (unplugged everything except the fridge), we knew that we'll be at the mercy of candlelights for a while. But when we finally did endure the storm (more of a whisper of a storm than anything), this is what we enjoyed in the Family Room....

All sorts of cozy and romantic ideas flooded my mind. Pioneer-style dining, Cuddling, Dining for two, Reading, Indoor camping and etc., etc...

The hearth was so inviting, so full of possibilities for beauty and memories to make. For those who opted for homes without fireplaces... You don't know what you're missing...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From a Movie I learned...

The New Karate Kid movie... Wow! What an amazing movie! It was a great portrayal of pairing an empty vessel (a willing student) and an overflowing but lidded jar (a broken master) in China.

Having it shot there, I couldn't help but feel honored knowing that through my father's maternal line, China is part of who I am. My father's mother was born in the Philippines by two Chinese naturals from the Hokkien region, a fishing village..

China is every bit honorable in my eyes through its complex language, natural beauty, cultural mystery and the people's tendency to keep tradition. The main things that outsiders remember about China (other than Wal-Mart labels) are Chow Mein, Feng Shui and Kung Fu. What many don't understand is that... Chow Mein is a strictly vegetable dish, traditionally not with noodles; Feng Shui is not Asian voodoo- it is a philosophical way of interacting and flowing with your environment. Everything has its own energy, value and impact on each of us, and we, to everything. From Feng Shui, Kung Fu (older than most martial arts) was born to teach humans understand that subtle but powerful interaction.

"Made in China" is justifiably a cursory joke to share in most contexts: quality, safety and various other reasons. But between the economy and demand from foreign labor force, most can be blamed to corporate negligence and managements' "everyone is disposable" attitude towards its employees. We hear more of China because it is one of the biggest countries in Asia, if not the biggest. Mistakes there seem that much more magnified by default. That is the sad truth.

China is a great country; its people and its culture, nothing short of beautiful in both its rigidity and flexibility. It is a high honor to know that I am part Chinese... This part "Made in China" girl is definitely of highest quality, high safety standard stamped and certified and handcrafted by a true master.

Mama Lucing, (Lucena Ravelo "Chan" Lacho), I thank you...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back! Blogging that is! (Plus a Sneak Peek at the house)

Why you ask? Because I QUIT my job! That's why!

It was for the best:
- I can finally UNPACK my house
- I can finally DO interior design where paint is included!
- I can finally NOT USE anymore swear words as my auditory accessory!
- I can finally FILL MY pantry, kitchen, laundry and bathroom cupboards on a consistent basis!
- I can finally BLOG again and DO my tablescape designing at my other blog!
- I can finally breathe!

I'm still adjusting though I was only there for a little over 2 months. I made great friends, but the peace and sanity of my home is and will always be my main priority...

I welcome you all back to my blog. Currently, I'm busy designing and getting to know my house-outside of my bedroom, that is! (That's the main room I saw each day when I was working-LOL)

Here's a sneak peek at my new space... Feng Shui still in progress...

Welcome! C'mon in and see my foyer...
The stones are pink/peach tiles with fossil-looking embedded stones in each. Not totally my style, but good for now. The tiles are cool to the feet even during summer time. Yeah!

Since my Living Room/Library is not setup yet, we will skip that room and have you relax into the Family Room where these unbelievably comfortable couch which reclines on both ends, I consider deadly to my housework duties. LOL
Since we do have five in our family, we opted for another one! See how comfy the customers are?
They are perfect to watch Monsters, Inc. on High Def! (Excuse the lack of curtains and completed look. It does take me a while to finish a design-especially when there's no money!)
Or... to view this wonderful fireplace! The mantle will soon be updated and the cover removed, but can you see its potential? I am not touching one brick!

The kitchen is still a mess since I am still figuring out where things should go. The Dining Room is well...

...still empty since my hutch is still in the storage!

The bedrooms on the next blog or two... 'Til next post!