Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back! Blogging that is! (Plus a Sneak Peek at the house)

Why you ask? Because I QUIT my job! That's why!

It was for the best:
- I can finally UNPACK my house
- I can finally DO interior design where paint is included!
- I can finally NOT USE anymore swear words as my auditory accessory!
- I can finally FILL MY pantry, kitchen, laundry and bathroom cupboards on a consistent basis!
- I can finally BLOG again and DO my tablescape designing at my other blog!
- I can finally breathe!

I'm still adjusting though I was only there for a little over 2 months. I made great friends, but the peace and sanity of my home is and will always be my main priority...

I welcome you all back to my blog. Currently, I'm busy designing and getting to know my house-outside of my bedroom, that is! (That's the main room I saw each day when I was working-LOL)

Here's a sneak peek at my new space... Feng Shui still in progress...

Welcome! C'mon in and see my foyer...
The stones are pink/peach tiles with fossil-looking embedded stones in each. Not totally my style, but good for now. The tiles are cool to the feet even during summer time. Yeah!

Since my Living Room/Library is not setup yet, we will skip that room and have you relax into the Family Room where these unbelievably comfortable couch which reclines on both ends, I consider deadly to my housework duties. LOL
Since we do have five in our family, we opted for another one! See how comfy the customers are?
They are perfect to watch Monsters, Inc. on High Def! (Excuse the lack of curtains and completed look. It does take me a while to finish a design-especially when there's no money!)
Or... to view this wonderful fireplace! The mantle will soon be updated and the cover removed, but can you see its potential? I am not touching one brick!

The kitchen is still a mess since I am still figuring out where things should go. The Dining Room is well...

...still empty since my hutch is still in the storage!

The bedrooms on the next blog or two... 'Til next post!


Chandy said...

From Frannie in Facebook:

C, I LOVED LOVED LOVED YOUR BLOG...awwww your house is so pretty, i will make it a point to see you very soon !!!

Hansonpatch said...

I somehow missed this post! I can't believe how time flies! L looks so pretty in her black and red dress! Is that Daniel with straighter hair escorting her to the dance? When does she leave for college? I feel like it has been ages since I have emailed or typed you. I am glad you were able to quit that job if it was making you miserable! You deserve better than that type of mess to deal with. Your foyer is beautiful! I love the look.

Chandy said...

Thank you! It's definitely a work in progress...