Saturday, August 21, 2010

7th Annual BTS Fashion Show!

In our new house!!! It was more exciting this time as we had more places to take pictures in.

While the music blared from the TV and the chosen outfits are laid out, we present the new line up for Fall! This year and armed with coupons and sale ads, we hit Old Navy, Ross, JC Penney and Kohls for great deals and clearance. Plus, again, we are using some of last year's finds!

Here's I-Dude! He is definitely ready for school and third grade!
Summer heat is not a problem with this fresh and colorful striped polo shirt and dark denim, both from JC Penney. Sonoma sneakers, Kohl's clearance; 2009. He chose the shirt; great choice!

A cool soccer outfit or just a fun day at school, this is a smart choice; Jersey and shorts, JC Penney.

In choosing school outfits, one must think about these things seriously. Khaki cargo shorts, JC Penney, plain white T-shirt and preppy striped green and navy hoodie, Old Navy. Socks and slip-ons, Kohl's 2009.

And of course, reading time can and should be stylish! Sonoma sneakers and socks, Kohl's 2009. High Sierra dark denims, JC Penney. Black logo hoodie, Old Navy.

Now let's turn our attention to J-Pony. Today, vacation, Monday, school! Violin and Choir, it'll be quite hectic, but fashion, no problem! It doesn't hurt that she loves to pose and it shows!
Cozy on throws, J-Pony sports a polka dot cardigan and skinny jeans, Old Navy, with a White T-shirt and Converse sneakers, from L-Infinity.

A fun scribbled shirt is always in style, Rue 21. Skinny jeans, Old Navy. Red and white star earrings, Claire's. Converse sneakers from big sis, L-Infinity.

School is all about reading, so why not do it fashionably? Green cardigan, white T and Converse sneakers, from L-Infinity, dark flare jeans from cousin T. Book (Sherlock Holmes), Half-Price Books. High Sierra blue and black backpack, Ross 2009

The summer time is everytime with this sunny outfit. Yellow plaid gathered top (Wet Seal) on clearance. Skinny jeans, (Old Navy). Yellow flats (from L-Infinity).

L-Infinity is ready to fly from the nest with these smart college get-ups. She prefers black, but looks great in all colors.
Whether during the warm but windy Texan Fall season of mainland, USA or on the breezy isle of Oahu, this striped with floral embellishment V-neck top (Rue 21), is totally at home. Especially when paired with dark skinny denims (Forever 21) and bronze flats (Walmart).

Now that she's got her Fujitsu tablet, school will be a breeze. Especially with some white fabric slip ons, Payless, Skinny jeans, Charlotte Ruse; White-T, Forever 21 and a spaghetti strap floral babydoll, Rue 21.

We're definitely headed to somewhere breezy and humid, so why not look stylish on the way there? With this striped black & gray cardigan (Old Navy) a fun light yellow print shirt (Rue 21) and dark skinny denims (Charlotte Ruse), mission accomplished!

Her last outfit will also nicely fit in anywhere on Oahu or in the BYU Hawaii campus and hang out with the preppy crowd before they hit the beach! Black zip-up hoodie (Forever 21), black & gray striped tank (Pac Sun), Converse gray sneakers (Kohl's). Gray preppy shorts (JC Penney).

I also had them pretend that they've conquered their first day of school; in L's case, coming back from her first college semester. "Hi, I'm home!"
I-Dude was both hot and tired. He could barely hang on to the door. :-)
Look at J-Pony... With a violin case and a heavy backpack, the first day is definitely a feat!

Of course, no BTS Fashion Show can end without a group shot! Don't they look ready to tackle another year? Fashion police, you may be out of a job! :-)

Are you ready to go back to school?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night- Aaaaahhhhh!

Tonight was very special. I-Dude is going to a new school, will have a whole new classroom and teacher and friends. We had to go.

So with his school supplies in tow, we quickly found his teacher's room and he introduced himself while Mr. Man and I filled out paperwork and picked "apples" from the "gift" tree of additional supplies their class will need.

We all came home excited for this whole new adventure. It is completely new for all of us. New PTA, new moms to schmooze, new administration to watch (maybe go up against) and new neighborhood. J-Pony will be across the street in her middle school, but with the time change, they won't see each other until they both wake up and get home. L-Infinity will be home until the first week of September when we take her to Hawaii to start, also, a whole new life, as a college student on the island of Oahu, in Laie, HI to go to Brigham Young University Hawaii campus... Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

My children are all growing up and it is slowly hitting me. Combine that with house improvement project list as long as our house is tall, I'm barely holding on to any shred of sanity!

At least we have our list to keep us from feeling old... How are you faring with your growing children?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Projects Left and Right

Nothing much is new except that we are up to our eyeballs in home improvement and redesign projects on this house.

We couldn't be more ecstatic!

Just recently had our Housewarming and Farewell dinner last Saturday and we were so happy that managed to finish the family room and clean up the future library in time... Of course, I forgot to take pictures of all who came.

Pictures soon...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Sneak Peek

We are tackling the Family Room. We started to paint. Mr. Man wanted this room/Media Room to have a cave-like feel. Cozy, warm and secluded. Sounds lovely...

We are not done yet, but I have been slowly finishing it day by day. Our textured walls are proving to be a challenge, not to mention my being height-challenged. But each day is a completion towards what the hubs want.

Why grant what he wants? Because I love him and I get to choose the paint color for the rest of the house! (laughing maniacally)

I didn't want the rather square family room to feel closed in, so we chose two colors- a dark one that could provide a "tunnel effect" and give the air of a longer room. Then since we wanted a more tropical theme, we chose a complimentary to our accent color and reminiscent of a tropical jungle.

So after a quick trip to Lowe's and a few weeks of traveling, we changed this blah white room...To something cozy, romantic and secluded... Just like being in a Tropical Jungle! The RED reminds me of all fiery colors of hibiscus and rare red orchids in many tropical places such as my own home, the Philippines. The earth tone reminds of the deep earth colors that big jungle canopies provide. Oh, just so lovely a vision it makes for us!

Our kids helped choose both of these colors- Valspar "Bamboo Reed" and Dutch Boy "Red Caboose".

We started on two walls, the window and its adjacent wall by the fireplace.

When we finished, Mr. Man did the finishing touches on the corners.
Look how great it turned out! That trio of color is Sherwin Williams Natural Choice (orange peel ceiling paint), The result is truly calming...
And here's what the wall colors look like at night. Mr. Man was so delighted and we both can't wait to finish the whole room!
We totally achieved what we wanted! I am so psyched!

Painting is so inexpensive but makes a great impact. We wish you the best colors for your home...

Thank you to our host Susan and to all of you for visiting! Glad to join in this week's Met Monday!