Saturday, May 15, 2010

Whistle While you Work...

If you get the drift, the honeymoon phase of being the new girl is over for me at work. Except for UPS, I've learned all the shipping routes we use. I also help and pack things on my own. I check and weigh boxes. I trace connections to errors. And I help train others though I am still considered a trainee. Overall, I'm well pleased with my own accomplishments at work.

I love the constant learning process. At work, there's always something to do. That's also the problem when it is slow.

As with any job, in your crew or shift, "most" are content to just talk and wait for something to do while I absolutely cannot fathom that when I'm at work- which to me means a company is relying on me with a blind trust and ready check, to uphold to a high work ethic to follow their policies and procedures. When it's slow, it's a real glare when you are doing something. It's akin to being a pariah when seen as the only one with something to do or workload that takes time. You don't know what people see or think of it as- it's nerve-wracking!

But just like Snow White, you just need to learn to tune these things out. The "most" are not the ones earning your paycheck. The "most" are not the standard. The "most" will not vouch for you during reviews. So, just "whistle while you work" and know that you should be your own lead and supervisor to constantly maintain that high work ethic. The "most" and their glaring choices... will soon fade to just "white noise"...

Lately, I seem to gather one collective thought on the need to work. Work to a lot of people is an escape of daily routine. "To get out of the house. Extra money. Adult companionship and conversation. Means to Live." With this economy, becoming a company asset seems to be at the bottom of the list of reasons. To me, since I started working at 16, it's been a daily path to learning and mastering what you know until you gain the confidence to share it with others. It is not a dating pool or a social network to rely on though true friendships form here and there and occasionally, love blooms. But just as sadly, many forget their values when they are at work, setting aside the idea that they are still representatives of their families and friends each day they go to work. It is ok; THE WORLD accepts this plasticity, and once, I was a part of that mindset.

Now looking in after more than a decade of motherhood, household manager, wife, college, church activity, friendships and soul searching, I find that a workplace is no different than being a green missionary thrown into a foreign setting. Who you are to the people you associate with daily, will be the person you choose to portray amidst them. The last time I checked, I am not made of plastic, but something more substantial, more precious, more divine...

"I should share my light even in a lit up building, because when the power goes out, mine will just be brighter."- my own quote to remind me that what I stand for helps hold me up.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Whole Truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, please...

COMDATA is a payroll system coupled with highway robbery!

Why?! Your paycheck is handled by them, even the direct deposits. Nothing wrong with that, right? WRONG!!!

When you first get hired, any company using Comdata/Employbridge, will issue you two cards: The first, a "no frills" debit card for temporary activation and access to your paychecks and stubs online then a Mastercard logo'ed card with your name on it, by mail, 1-2 weeks later.

It would be easy for a "caring" payroll rep to hand you the temp card and a FEE Schedule upon your hire date. But if not or in my situation, the rep was nice but not thorough, I didn't get any schedule fee and my temp card was not activated until 2 weeks later!

I didn't want Comdata to take any of my money. Period. That's when the problems started to roll in... In a span of almost 4 weeks of being employed as a Shipping Clerk, these are the different "truths" I got from several associates and a Supervisor.

1. You get 1 and only 1 FREE transaction per pay period! Meaning, one free ATM swipe at any Allpoint networked ATMs. When your direct deposit starts, that "load" IS NOW your FREE transaction! If you have any money left on any of the issued cards, "tough 'taters"! (the fees come a knockin'!)

2. If you go to their "FREE ATM" network which most are inside 7-11's, the network won't charge you, but Comdata will- $1.50 per swipe! And there's a maximum limit of how much you can take out depending on your paycheck: $30-200, $180 max; $201.50 or more, $200 max; $500 or more, $400 max; forcing you to keep some of the money in the cards!

3. If you go to the stores to use the Debit card (Mastercard logo only), it's 50 cents a transaction!

4. If you go inside any bank to "Cash Out" your card, be prepared to get $5 less!

5. And... you have to know that coming into the bank or you will be automatically DECLINED plus a $1.00 -in bank use fee!

6. Oh... Here's the best one! If your paycheck is on a Friday, but you swiped your card on Thursday as your FREE transaction, no such luck! They will charge you a "PROXIMITY fee" of $1.00, meaning it's your bad for waiting to grab some money so close to the next pay period! (Challenged and won a full refund on this one because one of their associates told me when to go after my first card was finally activated!)

7. I was told that I can use the logo card as a CREDIT card, NOT! It is strictly a DEBIT card meaning you have to access it with your PIN per transaction! If you attempt to use it as a CREDIT card, your transaction will be DENIED and get charged $1.00!

8. And last but not the least.... (drum roll, please!) If you forget how much money you have left in the card and you ask at the ATM (Balance Inquiry) or your bank how much is in it, another $1.00!!!

So... If you're a regular "Schmo" who can't afford to have any institution hold your hard earned cash every week and you can't access the full amount you need in one swipe to pay a bill, you can easily rack up $4-20 a week in fees alone! That's a total of up to $80 you hand back to Comdata for the privilege of using their cards! Great... NOT!


My story and frustration: My payroll rep was new and she wasn't savvy to all these "underhanded but legal" contract they have with Comdata. I'm lucky, by tomorrow, they've only gotten a total of $3.oo from my paychecks because I would call and challenge each time letting them know I'm not willing to give them my hard-earned paychecks.

I've spoken to over 10 people, one being the supervisor Pablo, and yet, each one, would only give up PARTIAL TRUTHS and it was up to me to piece it together!

Convinced now that this company is set up to TAKE YOUR MONEY over the everyday, "your bank would never think to charge you for" situations? There's no forgiveness, no use disputing because they are all at the mercy of the FEE SCHEDULE!!! (mwah-ha-ha!!!)

As my husband just texted me... "They are crooks!" Cut our losses and be done with their card!"

If this shocked you then I've done my job... Good night! Being sick (chest cold) and frustrated, NOT a good combo!