Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early Halloween?

Each year, since 2008, we've participated in our church's Trunk-or-Treat gathering both in the Cultural Hall and the Parking Lot. We deck out the back of the van with lights, pumpkins, cauldron, black roses and vinyl tablecloth. We give out glowing bracelets. Just a blast!
Normally, we are used to knowing that it will not follow when Halloween is, especially if it falls on Sabbath day. But each one has been only within a few days before. But this year, it would seem we won't be able to participate in the traditional way-no trunk to dress up for us this year because it's being done 9 days before Halloween! Talk about caught unawares! Between the repairs, books fairs, concerts, hectic work and school schedules this year plus volunteer work, I'm lucky to even remember to get a costume for the kids this year! Forget about candy! (Nah... We can make time to get candy, right? Right!)

Anyway, to ensure that we can at least get the kids to participate and enjoy a pre-Halloween celebration, I signed up to make and bring chili and cornbread while the church funds hotdogs and juice/water. I think it's a fair trade...

As far as Halloween here at our house goes, nada, zip, nothing this year... We just have too much going on and no real time to setup the holiday decor without adding to the mix of boxes already needing to find a spot in the attic or the garage. Did I mention the current deluge of repairs we have? Let's see... sink and water heater, just fixed (love my new Moen "Lindley" faucet!), AC being monitored for leaks, back wall still missing in the Eat-In/Office area of the Kitchen, puppies poked a hole on the expensive couch, carpet being changed to tile, under sink particle board floor ripped and to be changed, bugs needing to be repelled around the house, curtains still need to be hung up, and painting in the Library windows and two of the kids bedrooms still need to be finished.

At least they are our projects to do... (after sighing loudly...)

Happy Halloween to all this year!