Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lemon Bars

Our Wednesday went like this:

Made sure I-Dude made the school bus, after a late start.
Took J-Pony to her private violin lesson at school.
Had breakfast at Sonic
Went to our first Chiropractic session appointment
Went to Lowe's to get more plants on clearance
Went back home and crashed on the couches
I-Dude comes home
Mr. Man went to his doc appointment
J-Pony comes home
Made LEMON BARS-but forgot to add enough butter to crust- (uh-oh...)
Made pasta dinner-didn't have time to eat it
Took I-Dude to Cub Scouts at church; lemon bars still in oven
Asked Cori to watch, pull out, cool, cut and deliver bars to church
Lemon Bars arrived late, but was a total success- (yay!)
Found pan of rest of lemon bars at home, burned and hard (whooopps!)
Had late dinner of pasta; interrupted
Home teacher arrives-(almost forgot)
Had a great time with home teacher
Kiddos were sent to bed
Had to help Matt move in stuff to our house-with home teacher's help
Mr. Man and Matt go back to Matt & Cori's apartment to finish hauling big stuff
Mr. Man & Matt deliver and go back
Mr. Man & Matt go get ice cream for us wives...
We eat ice cream and chat to relax
All four of us, went to bed @ 5AM!

The first time, last December, I made lemon bars, we also had a hectic day and I ended up making it too sweet. This time, filling is great, but the crust, not moist enough, the sides burned! Good thing the middle section was perfect. Third time's the charm?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Snickerdoodles...

Next... I haven't decided yet. But what I have decided is to make a great dessert once a week in honor of Autumn... Every week, until the 1st day of Winter, I will make something delicious, gooey, or sweet!

I started on September 23rd, the 1st day of Fall. How fitting that I made SNICKERDOODLES, a first for me! They came out moist and, of course, I put my own twist to it- I rolled the dough balls into the cinnamon sugar topping, then after, while it's still hot, I sprinkled some orange sugar on it to customize. They were delicious!

So... what's good to make this week? I'll take any delicious suggestions. Thanks!

Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Season, A New Place...

Picks of Canada

Aahhhh... Fall is here again... I can't recall a time since coming here to the U.S. of A., when I didn't like Autumn.

The air gets crisp, the winds get colder, the leaves turn color and school is in full swing. Now, Autumn means colorful projects, cozy reading moments with the kids, baking cookies that perfume the whole house, and a whole new adventure in a more permanent setting. I can't help but feel blessed about greeting my favorite season in a new home, our permanent home. For so long we've prayed to be where we can put down roots and get to know our neighbors, our community. Now we no longer wonder. We can start...

It's amazing the renewing power Fall has over me, I feel energized, motivated and more secure of myself. I am at peace but buzzing with ideas and memories I want to create. The decor that will eventually color and punctuate our new home for Halloween and Thanksgiving will be embedded more in me than a summer full of activities. The colors of Fall will make me smile and feel awe. I will drown in gratitude for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Love will definitely add to the warmth of our hearts and hearth.

In our Family room, we chose colors that can complement FALL when it arrives.

I am excited! Fall... In our new home...I hope you all can find the same satisfaction in your lives, even just for a season...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Missing L-Infinity...

Who would have thought that 17 years ago, I would be blessed with a beautiful, intelligent and kind little girl? Her name means"God's promise" in Hebrew. Boy, was she a promise! Heavenly Father listened to my pleas almost 18 years ago and last week, one of the many promises we exchanged have again come to fruition-that I would see her off to college...

Not just any college, but one where He can keep an eye on her; BYU Hawaii, next to the Laie temple... A beautiful place for a beautiful soul...

She earned to be there... Her grades allowed her to be there, at no expense to us, not one penny! Even FAFSA gave her extra money! How amazing is that?! We were able to help her get set up nicely (above and beyond with the money we didn't have to use for college fees) in her side of the room (she has three roommates in a two-bedroom faculty housing unit, and they are all just lovely and all four get along great!)

(After we landed in Honolulu, just right outside the baggage claim)

(Above-at Costco; Below-inside Max's of Manila (Filipino restaurant) in Honolulu)

(A group hug after school blessings)

(Celebrating her move-in and our last night there over a delicious pu-pu platter.)

(These two, right in front of the temple; it's being renovated until October. Her housing unit, is mere minutes away.)

(Inside her unit, in the faculty housing complex. She was lucky to have this, it's spacious!)

(Her self-portrait; at a beach park in Hau'ula where we stayed.)

(At the Dole Plantation Garden tour; their bromeliad collection, a cousin of the pineapple, are amazing!)

Even though we are separated for now, and she is somewhere...

the sun sighs when it shines over...
the clouds happily congregate and tease the water above majestic mountains...
where pineapples grow to be sweet and juicy... I know that wherever she is...
Our little family of five, because we believe in Jesus Christ, will always be together-FOREVER!

Some families get 18 years, some more... I only get 17, but I have never been more looking forward to all the school holiday breaks! See you in December, baby!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hawaii Vacation

What else can I say without making it redundant? It's Hawaii...

Here's some of the pictures we took while there.

More pictures (like thousands of them!) to come later. See ya then!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Projects and Ideas

Lately, all I've managed to do are add to our projects list and ideas bank. Things are getting done, but they are both too slow and too fast for me. I feel excited, frustrated; in other words, overwhelmed.

Paint MB-done
Paint and set up Fam Room-done
Put up curtains in both MB and Fam Room-done
Paint front door RED- done
Update timer for side lights-done
Change light bulbs for side lights (after fixing the wiring)
Finish installing the radiant barrier (very high ceiling)
Decide on paint for the rest of the house-done
Decide on paint and redo for half bath-done
Re-texture ceiling (orange peel)- done
Redesign front yard-slowly being done
Take down all wall paper in the house
Put shelving in laundry room
Replace all toilets-done, done and done
Acquire and care for live orchid plant-done (for 75% off or $3.24!)
Buy, place and care for ferns indoors-done (two varieties)
Organize pantry and kitchen items-slowly
Find the perfect pendant lighting for kitchen over island
Change island counter to granite
Paint the stairwell and banister
Redo the front walkway
Empty out storage
Replace all kitchen cupboard bling
Save up enough for kitchen redo
Change carpet to wood floors
Get a dog by Christmas
Make house Green and Energy Efficient-Slowly but surely!
Send daughter to BYU Hawaii safely and have a great vacation-in process
Get her P&Qs sorted out, in line and out of the way before trip to Hawaii

Too many and plastered on each wall for reminder.

Maybe, just maybe... Going to Hawaii on Tuesday will clarify my head enough to get all these things done on a timely manner and without breaking the bank (fingers crossed on both hands).

Have a great Thursday!