Thursday, September 2, 2010

Projects and Ideas

Lately, all I've managed to do are add to our projects list and ideas bank. Things are getting done, but they are both too slow and too fast for me. I feel excited, frustrated; in other words, overwhelmed.

Paint MB-done
Paint and set up Fam Room-done
Put up curtains in both MB and Fam Room-done
Paint front door RED- done
Update timer for side lights-done
Change light bulbs for side lights (after fixing the wiring)
Finish installing the radiant barrier (very high ceiling)
Decide on paint for the rest of the house-done
Decide on paint and redo for half bath-done
Re-texture ceiling (orange peel)- done
Redesign front yard-slowly being done
Take down all wall paper in the house
Put shelving in laundry room
Replace all toilets-done, done and done
Acquire and care for live orchid plant-done (for 75% off or $3.24!)
Buy, place and care for ferns indoors-done (two varieties)
Organize pantry and kitchen items-slowly
Find the perfect pendant lighting for kitchen over island
Change island counter to granite
Paint the stairwell and banister
Redo the front walkway
Empty out storage
Replace all kitchen cupboard bling
Save up enough for kitchen redo
Change carpet to wood floors
Get a dog by Christmas
Make house Green and Energy Efficient-Slowly but surely!
Send daughter to BYU Hawaii safely and have a great vacation-in process
Get her P&Qs sorted out, in line and out of the way before trip to Hawaii

Too many and plastered on each wall for reminder.

Maybe, just maybe... Going to Hawaii on Tuesday will clarify my head enough to get all these things done on a timely manner and without breaking the bank (fingers crossed on both hands).

Have a great Thursday!


Jewel Allen said...

You're going to Hawaii on Tuesday? How awesome!!! Have lots of fun and bring back shells for me :-)

I love that you painted your door red. Red doors always make me happy. It signals to me that the owner loves life!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jewel! I do love how it looks and I agree! Yeah our eldest is headed to BYU Hawaii.