Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lemon Bars

Our Wednesday went like this:

Made sure I-Dude made the school bus, after a late start.
Took J-Pony to her private violin lesson at school.
Had breakfast at Sonic
Went to our first Chiropractic session appointment
Went to Lowe's to get more plants on clearance
Went back home and crashed on the couches
I-Dude comes home
Mr. Man went to his doc appointment
J-Pony comes home
Made LEMON BARS-but forgot to add enough butter to crust- (uh-oh...)
Made pasta dinner-didn't have time to eat it
Took I-Dude to Cub Scouts at church; lemon bars still in oven
Asked Cori to watch, pull out, cool, cut and deliver bars to church
Lemon Bars arrived late, but was a total success- (yay!)
Found pan of rest of lemon bars at home, burned and hard (whooopps!)
Had late dinner of pasta; interrupted
Home teacher arrives-(almost forgot)
Had a great time with home teacher
Kiddos were sent to bed
Had to help Matt move in stuff to our house-with home teacher's help
Mr. Man and Matt go back to Matt & Cori's apartment to finish hauling big stuff
Mr. Man & Matt deliver and go back
Mr. Man & Matt go get ice cream for us wives...
We eat ice cream and chat to relax
All four of us, went to bed @ 5AM!

The first time, last December, I made lemon bars, we also had a hectic day and I ended up making it too sweet. This time, filling is great, but the crust, not moist enough, the sides burned! Good thing the middle section was perfect. Third time's the charm?

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