Friday, October 8, 2010

When You are Lacking Wisdom...

...teeth that is, you should always follow the doc's orders. But of course, even with that, complications happen. In my case, glad it's just mild, dull pain. But it's still pain.

Last Tuesday, got my last three wisdom teeth taken out and I ate soup, smoothies and everything soft for 2 whole days. I gargled, rinsed and didn't spit for a whole 24. No "chipmunk cheeks" moment, no aftereffects from the anesthesia, but day 3...

My mouth is still sore, can barely open my mouth, gums hurt at the sockets and the doc pulled on one side too much that I now have a cracked side which hurt more than the sockets, hence the "opening" dilemma. *sighing*

I don't like my house messy if I can help it, so I made sure I cleaned up, but I don't know if that made it worse or something completely different.

I know many others are hurting far worse than I am... but this is my burden right now. Hope you're having a better one.

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