Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeownership Wows and Woes

Now that we have our own home, I feel more stressed. (don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed to own our home, well... maybe that we have a bank that let us pay them monthly over it.)

I feel more stressed because there are MORE:
-space to fill and make cozy
-storage to fill but with what
-problems due to more space and areas to maintain
-careful planning of how to make space sing with personality and style
-corners to miss in cleaning and organizing
-walls to paint and architecture to update
-competition on which room to do first
-home age-related issues to deal with as opposed to calling the apt mgr to send someone
-bills to pay out since even the garbage is in your name

Also because there are LESS:
-money to deal with problems as they arise
-time to do it all when you have school-age children
-patience in keeping up with problems that pop up
-ideas to run through when home value vs. style clashes
-opportunities to get things done due to lack of time and money

But I guess in the end, it all balances out. (good thing, too since I practice Feng Shui and a balancing act goes a loooong way) We love our home and can't wait to realize its potential.
I'm busy designing closet shelving ideas to maximize storage and built-in cabinetry to lessen the impact of bare walls and add more storage in the living areas. Designing the kids' rooms so they'll want to study in there (and not just use it to text their friends in private). Researching the garden ideas for this part of Texas (aka still waiting for my thumb to turn green). My hubby's busy bringing home the bacon to repair the walls, air leaks, keep cooling and heating and the materials to maintain the house. The kids, they have their chores... (if they ever get to them!)

It may take a few (fingers crossed) or several years before most of our projects are realized, but at least they are our projects...

Side note:
Tonight's BTS Brain Menu:

Pork Adobo (complete protein)
Steamed Rice (niacin, zinc, selenium, manganese and almost complete protein)
Asparagus and Tomatoes (vitamins and minerals)
Melon and Grapes (vitamins and minerals)

It was delicious! And I didn't have to beg the kids to eat it! (winking until you notice)

Good night and later!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BTS- Prepping The Brain Menu

Now that summer is almost over in the sense that school's almost back in session, I am quite curious as to how we as parents prepare our children to go back to school mode.

I guess I can share that I have three children who love to learn and go to school (ok, they like hanging out with friends mostly, but we can pretend, right?). Honestly, they love school and learning. Since reading, art, science, history and practical knowledge are covered 365 days a year, my main focus is on what they put in their bodies.

Summer is wrought with temptation! (Eating out, bbq's, shakes that are fatter than a whole cow, fruits that no one eats because there's ice cream waiting in the freezer; did I mention eating out?) Of course we balance it out with swimming, touring vacation spots on foot, walking the dogs in the early morning to escape the heat (alright, you do that)

Well back to my reality. I love to cook and the cooler months seem to entice me into that love more than Summer or Spring. So I get creative and don my invisible scientist coat and delve into the latest research on children's good health in relation to food choices. I cook for their brain, a whole week before school starts. They just don't know it (yes, I'm Dr. Sneaky McSneakypants! mwahhhhahahahaha! (booming thunder in the background))

So tonight is 4 days left before school starts on Monday, the 22nd. Here's what I made to beef up their brains... (no, I didn't feed them beef brains... what were you thinking?)

Baked Pacific Cod with Mixed Summer Vegetables
Steamed White Rice
Ice Water
Blueberry Lemonade Smoothie

What, you didn't know that Fish and Blueberries are good for the ol' noggin? Yes, yes they are!

Omega 3 & 6 helps your heart and brain while blueberries...

"Blueberries have compounds that boost neuron signals and help turn back on systems in the brain that can lead to using other proteins to help with memory or other cognitive skills." (James Joseph, Nutrition Researcher)

So now you know just how easy to feed the buzzing and budding brains in your children, even if they don't like fish, just find the nutrients that can help their brain and your next school year can be that much better... Not to mention the other nutrients that a healthy menu provides for their behavioral and emotional needs. Love the B family for that!

See you next time!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello and Welcome Back!

To all passersby... I'm back! Got so many pics to post, updating and all that good stuff.

The DIY projects list is still long, but at least we had two great vacations!

Quick Update:
1) Vacations- California and Utah
2) Met newest members of family (Jernon & Garrison)
3) Found termites in back door wall (hot fun!)
4) Sorted old clothes (too many, too long!)
5) BTS shopping (coupon filled)
6) Lots of OT (to fund the DIY projects)

(What, you thought extra $$$ for fun, I wish!)

School's almost upon us, so that means another BTS Fashion Show in our house! (makes this the 6th annual one.)

Can't believe how Summer's almost done. (thank goodness! not my season! funny, being tropical and all!)

Ok, see you all soon!