Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello and Welcome Back!

To all passersby... I'm back! Got so many pics to post, updating and all that good stuff.

The DIY projects list is still long, but at least we had two great vacations!

Quick Update:
1) Vacations- California and Utah
2) Met newest members of family (Jernon & Garrison)
3) Found termites in back door wall (hot fun!)
4) Sorted old clothes (too many, too long!)
5) BTS shopping (coupon filled)
6) Lots of OT (to fund the DIY projects)

(What, you thought extra $$$ for fun, I wish!)

School's almost upon us, so that means another BTS Fashion Show in our house! (makes this the 6th annual one.)

Can't believe how Summer's almost done. (thank goodness! not my season! funny, being tropical and all!)

Ok, see you all soon!


Hansonpatch said...

Welcome Back! Sounds like you have been very Very busy at your house. That is great. I hope everyone is well and that your come back is met with tons of warm wishes and applause.

Chandy said...

I think you've covered the warm welcome pretty well. Glad to be back!