Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeownership Wows and Woes

Now that we have our own home, I feel more stressed. (don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed to own our home, well... maybe that we have a bank that let us pay them monthly over it.)

I feel more stressed because there are MORE:
-space to fill and make cozy
-storage to fill but with what
-problems due to more space and areas to maintain
-careful planning of how to make space sing with personality and style
-corners to miss in cleaning and organizing
-walls to paint and architecture to update
-competition on which room to do first
-home age-related issues to deal with as opposed to calling the apt mgr to send someone
-bills to pay out since even the garbage is in your name

Also because there are LESS:
-money to deal with problems as they arise
-time to do it all when you have school-age children
-patience in keeping up with problems that pop up
-ideas to run through when home value vs. style clashes
-opportunities to get things done due to lack of time and money

But I guess in the end, it all balances out. (good thing, too since I practice Feng Shui and a balancing act goes a loooong way) We love our home and can't wait to realize its potential.
I'm busy designing closet shelving ideas to maximize storage and built-in cabinetry to lessen the impact of bare walls and add more storage in the living areas. Designing the kids' rooms so they'll want to study in there (and not just use it to text their friends in private). Researching the garden ideas for this part of Texas (aka still waiting for my thumb to turn green). My hubby's busy bringing home the bacon to repair the walls, air leaks, keep cooling and heating and the materials to maintain the house. The kids, they have their chores... (if they ever get to them!)

It may take a few (fingers crossed) or several years before most of our projects are realized, but at least they are our projects...

Side note:
Tonight's BTS Brain Menu:

Pork Adobo (complete protein)
Steamed Rice (niacin, zinc, selenium, manganese and almost complete protein)
Asparagus and Tomatoes (vitamins and minerals)
Melon and Grapes (vitamins and minerals)

It was delicious! And I didn't have to beg the kids to eat it! (winking until you notice)

Good night and later!


Lara said...

Amen sister! I often wish I could have you help me arrange my house.

Hansonpatch said...

I love that there is snow on your house! Very jealous of that situation. I know what you mean about woes, as far as concern over decorating? Well, that has never been a skill of mine and it can stay that way until the youngest marches out the door to college. Then I know just who to call!

Chandy said...

You two are so sweet! Thank you! I love all the challenges, just hope I can prioritize them fast enough.

David bone said...

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