Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Aunt K and I

K and I, at the This Is The Place Heritage Park in Utah. We spent the whole day learning about our Mormon history and creating wonderful memories with our families.

She's my beautiful sis-in-law, mother of T-Teen and Mr. Baby, whom I love very much. We share the same love for the color purple and green. We love talking about life, and what would look good on walls. We love shrimp and lobsters, and even found out that we love the same new flavor in ice cream: Black Raspberry with Chocolate Chunks from Smiths or Kroger. We both love pansit; she loves to eat it, I love to make it.

We are both crazy about our children and both of our home decor tastes reflect our own desire to make it more cozy, our own. We even love the same kind of men; tall, gorgeous, great smile, kind, shy, quiet and faithful to us unto all eternity. That's how she became my sis-in-law; I married her tall, gorgeous, has a great smile, kind, shy, quiet and faithful brother Mr. Man. How cool is that?!

She reminds me of how wonderful their family is and I remind her of just how goofy they can be. I came up with silly nicknames that we'd call our children over the intercom if they decide to go off without permission inside any big store. If she can only remember what nicknames I assigned for her two kids, we'll be set. Now that's balance, huh?

Our main photographer during our visit to this park is her cool hubby, G, who is so good at snapping those candid moments like standing around. Here's some more of the good ones worth showing:

Monday, July 21, 2008

February 2007

I-Dude, L-Infinity, T-Teen and J-Pony; posed for a group shot on our last night at Grandma and Grandpa's. Though it was warming up, it was still pretty nippy at night.

This is right outside Mom and Dad's terrace in their new home in Utah. It's an awesome place for the cousins to play at, in and out. We came to see them to play in the snow, just before our move to Texas. Mom and Dad and Aunt K, Uncle G and T-Teen are neighbors. Good for us, we saw them all!

Mr. Man on the plane on our way to Utah.
L-Infinity and I, at the terrace on our last night there.

J-Pony in the snow...
...And I-Dude in the snow!

Back in 2005...

We shot this right behind Mom and Dad's house in California. This is our family portrait just before we headed to the Bonfante Gardens amusement park in Gilroy. As you can see, it was also during Independence Day weekend. L-Infinity was 12, J-Pony was 6, I-Dude was 3 and T-Teen was 10. We had so much fun looking at funny looking trees and riding the cute rides and the monorail.

Check out their site: http://www.bonfantegardens.com/circus.html

The Original to the Current

"Grandpa" and "Grandma" EFM. with "Aunt" K and "Uncle" Mr. Man. This is taken this past 4th of July weekend up in Utah.

The happy grandparents with all of their grandchildren. Notice the new addition? That's Mr. Baby. He is definitely a cutie! He's one of the reasons we came to Utah and had a mini reunion. We missed his infant years.
The blue and green outfits we had on looked great against the park setting. Thanks "Aunt" K! "Uncle" G's too busy snapping up extra shots and I was too busy trying to make sure my kids didn't get into trouble. Stomachs were growling and smiles were starting to sag into frowns.

Here's the Mr. Man brood: Lisa, Jasmine and Ian

And of course, the GKG group: T-Teen and Mr. Baby