Thursday, March 5, 2009

My First Ever Thankful Thursday!

I found this at Jan's blog, so here goes nothing... I think it's so much fun!
  • I'm THANKFUL for my internet back after 12 hours.
  • I'm THANKFUL that my children are safe back home from school.
  • I'm THANKFUL that I was kept safe walking to and from the store today.
  • I'm THANKFUL that I have a great next door neighbor, Annette.
  • I'm THANKFUL that I'm almost done with school.
  • I'm THANKFUL that we have ice cream to pacify the kiddos.
  • And lastly, I'm THANKFUL that I get to enjoy my dishes and add more with my uber clearance finds!

What are you THANKFUL for today?


Chandy said...

I transferred these comments!

Chandy said...

From Cadance:

I'm thankful I found your cute blog..and I can't wait to read the Sookie Stackhouse series now...I'm gonna find them at my library! Thanks for the recommendation!

Chandy said...

Hello Cadance, yes, enjoy them! I think it's steamier than HBO!

Chandy said...

From Crystal (Let Them Be Little):

I just put away 50 pounds of beans, 50 pounds of rice, my 2 month supply of PAPER PLATES (tablescape)!! and 1 month supply of diapers! WOOHOO!

Chandy said...

From Marivic (Grumpy Little Angel):

I like your thankful list. This is a pretty great idea. As for me I am thankful that it soon will be Friday :-)

Chandy said...

From Kymber:

I am so thankful that it is Friday and the weekend is here! Yay! Time that can be spent with my favorite men in my life! I love it!

I am glad that you stopped by to say hi the other day -it is so nice to meet you!
Hope YOU have a wonderful, restful weekend too.


Chandy said...

From Marie:

Hi Chandy-
We sure have a lot to be thankful about, don't we? Luv your post about the colors of fengshui, especially the welcoming of wealth.

Happy Friday and Salamat!

Chandy said...

From Jewel (Pink Ink):

I'm thankful to be alive...and my family enjoys good health. I have so many blessings...too many to list.

I am thankful for blog friends like you :-)

Chandy said...

Crystal: That's a great deal to be thankful for

Marivic: Fridays are such good reasons to be grateful for some rest!

Kymber: It was an honor to have found your blog!

Marie: "Salamat rin!" Love ya for visiting!

Jewel: It's always an awesome treat to see you in my blogs!

Chandy said...

From Sara (Sweet Surprises):

Yes indeed, there are many things to be thankful for, especially with so many loosing their homes and jobs. I'm soooo grateful for an incredible, hard working husband, who I cherish everyday! Thanks for stopping by my humble blog. I hope you visit again.

Sweet Wishes,

Chandy said...

Sara, I love what you are grateful for! Welcome! I will visit again soon!

Chandy said...

From Riet:

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love feng shui and like to follow the rules. Hve a nice day.

Chandy said...

From Ann (Life at Ann's Place):

Chandy,which is your main blog?I never know which one to go to?...Ann

Chandy said...

From Diane (A Picture is Worth):

Hi Chandy,
Thanks for the visit today. YOu have a very well done blog.

I'll be back to check on you again,

Chandy said...

Riet: You're welcome and thank you for visiting!

Ann: Your choice! :-)

Diane: I love your blog, too!

Chandy said...

From Thoughtfully Blended Hearts:

Hi, I'm thankful for my beautiful son who will be 23 tomorrow...I'm also thankful he wasn't "twins"