Friday, March 13, 2009

Cinderella; In Our House?

Yes, and she found her Prince Charming just in time- for Modesty Prom!

We all know the story... Cinderella (aka Lisa) was a good soul that was granted a special wish- to go to the ball. All the eligible men (priests) and maidens (laurels) are invited to this special gathering at the palace (Eddie Deen's Ranch in Dallas). But instead of the prince waiting for her...
Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, after Cinderella was granted the wish, she had to find just the right dress and she did! But Fairy Godmother knows no dress is complete without the perfect pair of glass slippers!

With her beautiful Rhinestone-banded Greek Goddess Royal Blue halter dress (with a cute white fluffy shirt to make it modest) on that the Fairy Godmother (Me) came up with by going to The House of Ross, she was ready for the prince (Daniel) who graciously came to personally pick her up!

Here they are, the couple of the evening. Many maidens wished that they could be so lucky. A grand dress fit for a princess, and a prince so charming, he can keep her smiling! When he saw her, he simply said, "I knew it... She would accent the dress." Both Fairy Godmother & Godfather (aka, Charlie; he took most of the pictures) and Cinderella went, "awwww..."

Don't they look so cute together?

First, they have to eat to get the nervous energy out. Where to go but the best restaurant in town! At Chez Mama Bonbon (Me again), of course! She just loves this couple when they came in that she gave them the best table with fine dinnerware and made a whole new menu...
They both quietly dined in the romantic glow of candlelights and feasted on juicy and tender
T-bone steak (thanks, Annette!), Mashed red potatoes with parsley and parmesan, Broccoli with cheese... They quenched their thirst with Berry Bubbly and Ice Water. Then... to honor them further, Mama Bonbon made them a very special treat- an
Angel Cake muffin with hidden diced strawberry inside and topped with whipped cream to send them on to their special gathering and make a grand entrance.

The whole meal was so good, they only left crumbs and left Chez Mama's with more energy to spare.

Lisa had a great time and that awesome ensemble, so cheap! Dress- $25, Shoes- $12, undershirt- $5.
We went shopping with one of the younger Mia Maids. (Thank, Liz! The Fairy Godmother loves your style!)


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

How fun. I love the shoes and the whole evening sounds just wonderful. Great job. And I caught up on your dares too. You are just terrific.

Chandy said...

Jan, thank you! She kept saying, "I have a princess dress! I'm gonna be so pretty!"

The dares are great!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter look so adorable and pretty. Everything was gorgeous...Great job...Mmmm! i wish I would have some of the dessert. The table setting was beautiful...kathy

Chandy said...

KatherineEllen: Welcome and thank you!

Steph B said...

She looks so beautiful and I love the shoes too! Oh, and I am craving that yummy looking dessert.

Chandy said...

Hi Steph! I know it was so yummy! It was a lot of fun for me to do for her and her date! Thanks; we thought she looked beautiful, too!