Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MM: "They'd be BAGELS!"

Ok, I have this warning of Blogger's schedule outage at 4:ooPM PDT tomorrow, so I'm cramming in as much posts I can today that I don't want to forget!

IAN has been cracking us up with his jokes, I remember two, so here they are... (if you think it's funny, let me know, if not, oh well, he's 7!)

Ian was in our bedroom and we were telling him how much we love him when he wiggled out, but before he left, he took something, used it as a microphone and says,

"Once there was a skeleton made of bones, and he only ate bones... (the sheer randomness threw Charlie and I into fits of loud laughter). Then, he continued with, "he tried to eat chicken because it has bones, he ate beef because it has bones, but he couldn't drink water or milk because it just went through him. Why? Because he is a skeleton made of bones! And since he has no brain, he forgets that he is a skeleton made of bones!"

He woke up just a little bit ago asking to use the bathroom. Before he went back upstairs, he says, "Mommy, I have a short joke to tell you." I said, "ok".

Ian: "Why are seagulls not allowed to fly away to a bay?"

Me: "Why not?" (really puzzled)

Ian: "Mommy, if they fly to a bay, they won't be seagulls anymore, they'd be BAGELS! (Bay Gulls)"

Gotta love him! Where does he get this stuff? Hee, hee...


Chandy said...

From Lisa:

"I heard that one before but it's funny because he lengthens the joke."

Chandy said...

I love it!