Monday, March 16, 2009

How We Did Tonight

Well, we got the pantry organized tonight. Thanks to my great hubby Charlie!

Some befores:

This is just right before we got started in reinforcing some shelves... We had to take stuff out as you can see...

This is my "oh-so" gorgeous hubby making sure those shelves will stay put. There he is testing out the new layout... Almost done!

And the afters! Doesn't my pantry look ready for a 10-day raid? Charlie did such a great job, "thank you, Mahal!"
Above is the left side where we put the cans and heavy stuff, and below is the right side where the lighter stuff now resides! And look, an empty container! Yay!

I'm off to tweak the menu for the week as we found a lot of goodies we'd rather eat! We're off to a good start with our family project!


Eldredge Family said...

I love projects like this one! It makes life so much easier and you feel really good about your self! I think it looks great! I bet Charlie is proud of his handy work!

Chandy said...

Crystal, he is. He kept asking, "did I do a great job?" And I loved saying, "Yes, you did!"

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

That is pantry awesome Chandy. I love an organized space like that. You have completely motivated me now. Does your husband travel :)

Chandy said...

Sorry Jan, he does travel but only for Southwest Airline on-calls and fam vaca's! ;-) Thank you, I'll tell him the compliment.