Tuesday, March 10, 2009

J-Pony and Swimming!

So, while L-Infinity enjoyed being YW's "Miss Knowledge" and I-Dude had a 3-day birthday celebration, J-Pony, too, has something to be happy about. She just finished her school mandated 4th grade swim lessons held at the district's Rec Center.

In five days, she managed to learn how to do:

the breast stroke

the dog paddle
floating on her back
maneuver while floating on her back
cruise to the deep end with a boogie board
dive and surface on her back
dive, surface and do breast stroke to the sidelines
and dive into 12 feet, 10 inches of water!

Wow! I am amazed since we couldn't come with her, these reports came directly from her very happy and accomplished self! They will be handed their certificates of completion soon and I can't wait to see her in action! She is a natural like Mr. Man (who was personally recruited by the swim coach of his high school, but since Speedo was the unifom, he turned it down...) and we are just so pleased with her about it. She loves swimming and knowing that she's able to do all of this on her own in front of her peers who initially mocked her was nothing short of "sweet revenge"!!!

I love how our three darlings can be doing different things at the same time; it's almost overwhelming at times, but the looks of accomplishment in their faces are always worth the effort and frustration. I am just crazy about my children!

Hooray J-Pony!!!


Eldredge Family said...

Coming from someone who can only doggy paddle! I think she did a great job! I would never go to the deep end!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

She is simply amazing. Way to go. Love her smile. So pretty.

Chandy said...

Crystal: Me, neither! LOL

Jan: I love that smile, too! Thanks!