Monday, June 1, 2009

What a Day!

First off, we thought my dental appointment was at 9AM; it was a brutal waking up moment as I didn't fall asleep until 5AM, woke up at 6:25 to wake up the kids. Good thing, Mr. Man took over from there. He made sure they ate, I-Dude got his morning treatment (4x/day now) and kept me barely asleep for the aforementioned false dental appointment. (Why I thought 9 in the AM, I have no idea!)

I guess I must have been hoping it's later cause next thing I know, I was dialing their office and asking for my appointment time. I got, "2 o'clock." I relayed it to Mr. Man, we both grunted, "oh" and went back to bed. Woke up on my own at 11AM (woohoo, 6 whole hours of shut-eye!)

We ate and got ready. I answered comments on my blog and flossed, brushed my teeth and gargled some Listerine (the one that stings like crazy, yeah, that one! Woke me up!) Off we went into the van- not quite. (Of course things don't go that smoothly when you're in a hurry- I forgot to mention that we got out the door at 1:50, the dentist is exactly 10 minutes away)

Annette, our lovely neighbor alerted us to something shiny on our rear right wheel. What was it? It was a tiny spring, probably from a clipboard, embedded onto the sidewall, deep enough to add Costco to our list of errands. But before that, J-Pony calls and reminds us that we need to pick her up because she forgot that today was her Choir Party.

Sidenote: J-Pony's choir group won 1st Place in the UIL competition held at an amusement park and the party was their reward. That trophy that was displayed during the last PTA meeting. was huge and pur-dy!

Good thing, we get to my dentist at exactly 2PM, how we did that, I'll never know, and I'll never question. Needless to say, I had no time to peruse the magazines, though a copy of "Southern Living" caught my eye.

Once on the chair, she proceeded to ask me questions and question why I didn't show up for 10 months (my bad...) I did tell her that I've been taking care of my mouth and teeth more. As a professional who's most likely heard it all proceeds to agree and then show me how horrible my last check up was. (Oh, don't squirm there as if you didn't have some funky dental results... At least I'm being honest. Hee hee!)

Did it faze me, no! I think if anything, it helped me calm down. I was utterly fascinated with what I was seeing- a separated and lined up rendition of my teeth, numbered and coded. She starts to tell me what I needed to have done after she checks out my "pockets". From my chart, I can assure you that I should have been a wreck, freaking out about the impending drilling sounds that can penetrate skulls and weaken ear drums. But I wasn't... I was surprisingly... OK.

I'll spare you the awful sound effects though I know you're just dying to ask me how each sound made my visit that much more memorable... I'd tell you instead how before that, during my "pocket" check, my hygienist was utterly surprised how much my gums and teeth strenght improved!

And to be honest, I was, too! LOL

She told me that I should get a gift since in her whole career (she's much older than I am), she has never seen any patient's mouth improve on their own! As L-Infinity would say, "that's legit!" So now, this new sense of confidence literally helped me float on that chair and was able to endure the whole cleaning. Oh, just before she started, she asked me, "Have you considered braces?" to which I quickly replied with an almost annoyed lifting of one eyebrow, "No dentist has ever recommended it for me." As if to prove me wrong, she asked me to bite down and again, she was again surprisingly pleased that my "bite" is as it should be. Her exact words were, "you have a good bite. That's very, very good." Another floating moment, woo-hoo!

After the cleaning, the dentist came in and they talked about my improvements. He did his own poking, on only two teeth and said that I'm the most inexpensive patient he's got!

They offer FREE whitening kits, but when he checked my teeth shade, he said, I most likely don't need it. He showed me his shades chart, and the highlighted one, his preferred shade for a healthy teeth color, was already my shade and he's concerned that if I go any whiter, my teeth may become sensitive! How cool of a check up is that, huh? Sign me up again please!

The best part, the magazine I wanted to read was still there, found a great shrimp and crab cake recipe. When I asked if I could copy the recipes, the lady in charge said, "Just take it, it's an old copy. You can have it." (cha-ching!)

Ok, after Mr. Man picked up I-Dude from school, they picked me up, rounded back to the elementary school to grab J, then on to the highschool for L. We went to the Costco near the high school and since we have absolutely no room in our fridge, freezer or pantry, we had nothing to buy at Costco (plus I stock up only twice a year so not even a inkling for an impulse buy either. Have you ever been to Costco with nothing to buy, it is the most boring thing! I didn't even enjoy seeing new products being handed out as samples! Boh-rring!). We did manage to remember to grab some mangoes (we've been craving those) and Q-tips (ran out...)

As for the tire, it was just beyond the repair zone so it had to be replaced for the amazing price of $1.08! Yep, it was under the Costco warranty, so we paid the difference in price. Gotta love that!
When we got home, we discovered that our plants are dying and our garden nozzle is bad (I conceded after I couldn't figure out how to NOT keep getting showered, lol), so that was replaced by another, (but less broken,) long nozzle. (We got it at Albertson's several years ago for $1 during their Going Out Of Business Sale.)

Whew, I'm tired reliving all of this today. How was your Monday?


Beth at Aunties said...

Quite the run down! All I can say for the impending drilling... Laughing Gas! My daughter loves having it and my son is waiting for his license to offer it to his patients:-)
We have used Costco's to fix some tires and the warranty can't be beat! Enjoy these wonderfuls tages of your childrens lives as they grow so fast. I love my bird eye's view of your little nephew *C* growing up before our eyes. :-)!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I-Dude? Now right off I am laughing! I loved that. This entire post was a true slice of life, a bit of reality!
I have a dental appointment coming up also...and I sooo dread it..

Chandy said...

Beth, "C" is a definite cutie! Love him!

I know Costco is such a lifesaver when it comes to auto repair...

Mona, you are darling! You can do it! ;-D