Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Great Saturday!

First of all, it's because we had a beautiful day today. Then, L-Infinity got home safe and sound, ozone-reeking stinky, sweaty but safe and sound. LOL

Then, I finally found the bamboo folding dish rack at the same Tuesday Morning that I first saw it at last month (I've been looking ever since then) and at the same 50% off price! So, so glad about that!

(Image from Bed Bath & Beyond dot com)

Can't really stand the plastic covered wire ones since the liner gets all gunked up and gross. YUCK with all capitals!!!

Then, every night, either over the phone or together, we pray with Mr. Man before going to bed. How cool is that?! Uber cool if you ask me! Uber cool!

And I finally was able to make the pansit that I've wanted to make since yesterday, but knowing me, I again did not write down how I normally make it! Oh, I just remembered, today is also the 22nd year I've been living here in the United States of America! So awesome!

Just call me, "no recipe, forgetful me" because I rarely follow a recipe and then I don't really have an organized way of keeping them. I consider myself lucky when I was able to devote some of "Brain's" cells to organizing them into a file and categories, back in AZ, only for Mr. Man to lose them when our system got sluggish! Grrrr! (Not at Mr. Man, our system!)

On the way back home from having a girls' shopping outing with my dear friend and neighbor, Annette, I treated the kids to some Taco Bell dinner (Cost $8.16) since I knew the pansit is going to take so long. (The prep time that is, that's why I wish I had the energy to have cut up everything last night!)

Have you ever had pansit or Filipino noodle dish? Would you like some? Sorry, maybe next time. This is for our lunch tomorrow, when Mr. Man comes home... I can't wait to see him! Uber in love with him!

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