Monday, June 15, 2009

FHE: A Full Day Out!

Since Mr. Man and L-Infinity are both home, we took advantage of the beautiful day and took the rest of the day to do Family Home Evening!

The kiddos had a simple breakfast of cereal, and we all finished our chores. But for lunch, we treated them to...

That restaurant combo of Long John Silvers & Taco Bell! J-Pony ordered something from LJS and the rest of us, enjoyed some Taco Bell delish! Cost, $19.00 ($10 less than we normally spend)

Then we surprised them by stopping by at Petland, the pet store that allows petting of each animal except for fish, literally! Here's L enjoying the company of a guinea pig... Cost, FREE.That came from this cage..
The next stop was to watch some stinky ferrets sleep it off. Mr. Man and L had a hoot picking up several of them, looking like jello blobs and would barely wake up. The moment you put them down, they curl back up into a sleeping position. LOL
I wanted to take home the parakeet on the bottom of that green and yellow one. I actually got to hold it but it kept flying down. I think that green one is his lady friend. So cute!
But I was able to pull away enough to enjoy some of these brightly plumed parrots. The red and purple one almost didn't want me to leave, it wouldn't get off my arm! There are four of them in this unit and the gray one is too shy, but the colorful baby one and these two are very comfortable going up to anyone's arm.

I also got to snuggle with the red/purple one; it even nipped on L-Infinity and locked on her finger for about 10 seconds because it was so comfy! I had to nudge it rather hard to shock it into letting go. L said, "Mommy, this one doesn't like me, you must smell more bird-like than I do." (Is that good?) ;-)
Here's Mr. Man with a Boston Terrier. That smile is of pure giddiness, trust me. He wants a pug himself...
While the kids and I want a Husky. This is a snow white American Husky. They don't shed as bad as the Alaskan breed I heard. Looook at that faaaace...Of course there's no way that we could've left without checking out the bunnies! Look how darling! Awww... There was an albino one with red eyes and pink inside ears, and Mr. Man labeled it, the most "Easter" bunny like of all. LOL

After, we sneaked into Half Price Books to see their current selection and to use the restroom. J and me, we had to wait unti Mr. Man and I-Dude had to come out since there are about 4 girl employees who decided that the best time to hang a picture above the toilet, is during the busiest time of their business day. I was rather annoyed and declared to Mr. Man that we needed to use the Men's because "they are playing around in the Women's bathroom." Cost, FREE.

Then on to the freeway across Dallas and into...
Into Mesquite, Texas! Why travel for almost an hour? Because The Merry Berry Farms, have the only...
... organic and "oh so" juicy blackberries up here in north Texas! That's why! Here are the kiddos starting the picking. See all the weeds, it's from the lack of any "outside" help. Just grown with careful planning, sun, irrigation and the occasional rain from the storms in the Spring time.

We were there last year, too with a family friend, Michelle, who visited us from AZ. The berry patches are situated in just a couple of acres in between the owner's home and since he's been a farmer for 30 years, his choice was a good one. We're talking you can taste test from the bush! That's the best kind, especially when you're with curious children who eats with their eyes like mine do! The picking experience is something that they love. We all want a small edible garden when we get our own house someday.
After that photo-op, the girls got bit by ants so we had to cross over to the other patch. This is the gravel driveway to the owner's house. Here they are at the other patch... Less bugs and not much ants. Thank goodness! Mr. Man and I dove into the middle of the thorny bushes carefully to get the huge, plump ones! LOL, you'd know where I was everytime, I was the one that kept yelling, "Ouch!", "Ow!" or "Ow, ow, ow!"
After an hour later, here we are drinking some cool water. I was the photographer the whole time, so my mug's not available. It's better that way. ;-)

Here are SOME of the berries... They are sweet, juicy and delicious! There are already requests for muffins, smoothies and shakes. Tomorrow is sure to be a yummy day! We actually have enough for two weeks worth of recipes. Cost, $20.00.Before we paid for the berries, we noticed the owner's chickens with the sole rooster "picking out" his next "hen". It was rather an impromptu lesson on nature's wild side- farm edition! LOL (The rooster's white...)

We promised ice cream and what a better place than Braum's Ice Cream Store and Restaurant! My German Chocolate Double Dip was worth every lick! L-Infinity had to hold it for me so I can take their happy mugs over their "cool" treats... ;-) Cost, $8.16.

What a wonderful, and again, inexpensive day we had. I look forward to tomorrow! Love my fam! Our FHE Lesson, "You don't need a lot of money to have a great day."

Total Cost: $47.16 for a whole day of fun and togetherness! Can't beat that!


The Redhead Riter said...

You have a beautiful family and it appears that you have loads of fun together. Amazing what a FHE can do for your "togetherness" factor! Thanks for sharing.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Redhead! We certainly do enjoy being together!

Jan the crazy lady said...

What a spectacular day and it was very very frugal for all you did. I love blackberries. My mouth was watering when I finally saw the picture. They look so good.

You guys really know how to beef up the activities for FHE. That is so great.

farmerswife17 said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the pics! It was great to talk to you and J this weekend! Love and hugs

Chandy said...

Hi Jan, thanks! We had a lot of fun.

K, glad I talked to you too. It's too few and far in between. ;-)

Michelle said...

What a fun day!!I miss you and your family so much!!

Chandy said...

Thanks Michelle, we'll see you soon enough.