Monday, June 22, 2009

Party On!

Tonight, J-Pony partied, her theme; "Dinner at the (Horse) Ranch".
This is the adults' table; surrounding the centerpiece are horses and tealights. She helped me choose the typical ranch "fauna". I love the look!
We also used her dinnerware, "Running Horses", a transferware of an original drawing of the artist and naturalist, Scotty Zimmerman. She loves those plates, we do, too! But where did she go?

She's at this table! Love that smile and that hair! Big sister, L-Infinity made sure her coiff was perfect for the party and it is!
Here's a closer look...
One with I-Dude is always a great shot don't you think?
Here are her guests: From the left: Annette (next door), Cori & Matt Adams, Ricky, Scott and Naomi (Cori's family). Below is her mom (also named Annette) and her first baby girl, Adolina Adams. Grandma is pacifying Adolina with a mock binky. It worked; go Grandma!
Oh, sorry you got to peek into my messy kitchen. Oh well, my kitchen motto is, "No mess, no party!" (Anyone who knows me, knows that... LOL)

From the left again; Rick (Cori's dad), our missionaries, Elders Patterson & Zobel. We found out later that Elder Patterson was being transferred to another area, so he earned another rib! LOL That's L-Infinity's back. There she is with one of Annette's kids and J's friends, Megan.

We fed everyone baby back ribs (got cheap at good ol' Costco), garden salad, corn, maple baked beans and white bread. To drink, lemonade and rootbeer!
Mr. Man was the grill master and his ribs were a hit! It was a simple enough wet rub. We waited until all was done then it's "keck" time! See, there I go again... I meant "cake" time!
Do you recognize the cake? Yep, Costco to the rescue! Rainbows form everywhere right?
Here's a better view... That's J with her good bud, Alexis, neighbor Annette's middle child.
See the ten candles, they're colorful aren't they? Believe it or not, we bought the candles at Marshall's (Mr. Man's find) weeks ago. The cake, ordered last weekend. Gotta love great coinkidinks!
See one of the horses on the table? That one is called, "American Paint". That was our gift for her to round out the horse ranch theme. We had all the intention to use the lanterns but we couldn't find the oil! A-yai-yai!Oh look, Cece wants to give J-Pony her present, but it's inside her "bedroom". What is it?
Oh, it's not a gift! It's I-Dude's "Grfffll". Don't ask.... That's my children for ya. LOL
Back to the cake... see the candles, each color had a matching colored flame! There were green, orange, yellow, blue, red and purple flames. So cool!
Gifts next!
She decided to open the last one from Grandma and Grandpa tonight, so here it is... A collection of goodies a budding chef can start with. My in-laws are so cool!
Next, she opened Cori and family's gift and she was wowed with some horse shoe bling and a story/history book about horses! That's an "it's great to be me today" smile.
Annette (next door) and family got her a dog alarm clock called "Rousers". Hope it wakes her up!

Daniel, "D-Boy" joined us at about 8:45 and he too, loved all the food. He gave J a generous Barnes & Noble giftcard. Thanks, D!

We had a great time eating and getting to know each other. All in all, we had 18 people and everyone felt comfortable, welcome and well fed!

I also made the lumpias afterwards when I found out that Cori and family have been to the Philippines. Originally, I decided to wait on it since there were a lot of hugging going on and I didn't want to smell like lumpias as it is a fried delicacy.

Where are the pictures you ask? Sorry... they were that good!

Good night!


MnM said...

Happy Birthday J! Looks like a great party! She's lucky to have a fabulous mom like you who will give her many wonderful memories throughout her life!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Melissa! We all had a great time! I hope so and you're not doing so bad yourself. I'm so wanting some lake time! ;-)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday J!! I can't to see you!!

Chandy said...

Us, too! We'll see you soon!