Monday, June 29, 2009

I Thought We're Swimming!

So today was the day J-Pony get to have her "Big Girl" party with a few of her friends. And we decided to go to our local Rec Center to try this new... two flumed water slide! But the clouds threatened with rain, lightning and thunder so we didn't get to go...
Instead, we took three girls and our family to see this movie. It was amazing! Two thumbs up!!!
And because we were early, we saved major dough! Gotta love that!

Then it was lunch time, so we went here to unwind and have fun! The "King" made sure we "had our way". LOL
But before any play, they must eat! There's J-Pony and I-Dude on the right with Alexis, then Rubab and Allison on the left.
And here are Mr. Man and L-Infinity on another table. Yours truly, of course, behind the lens!;-)

After dropping off two of the girls home, we watered the plants for some family friends and they let us use their pool, so since the smallish kiddos never took off their swimsuits, we let them have fun while I watered the plants, L-Infinity took pictures and Mr. Man supervised as a lifeguard.
Here they are...

The dark rumbly clouds never did fruit beyond a short lived drizzle, so I visited my own patio to water and to check on my herb pots and I was pleasantly surprised to see these!
Sprouts everywhere! Yay! I can't wait to see them get big and ready to top our meals! Yum!

While I was cooking, I asked the kids to open up the window and Cece quickly parked herself on the sill. Well, I-Dude thought it was a good spot as well, so Cece, nuzzled his hair from gratitude. LOL

Have you ever seen the tendrils on a grapevine? I've always wanted to see one and I did! How cute is this? We capped the night with a pasta and sausage dinner with these awesome grapes and the rest of the brownies J-Pony baked. Hit just the right spot!

FHE is tomorrow; night swimming! Yay!!!

How did your Monday turn out?


Jan said...

Love the sprouts and the grapes and the pictures. You have such a blessed life.

Chandy said...

Ha ha, Jan! I wish!