Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes you just know...

When a great day awaits you... Like TODAY!

First, we had a great (though not so healthy) cinnamon rolls and milk breakfast (Mom of the Year nominee here. LOL)

Then the kiddos again (whoa, totally impressed) finished and helped each other with, their chores. (Do I have a fever?)

After that they rested a bit with some books and tv and I started to make the lumpias on the table. While I was preparing the Lumpia Shanghai (Filipino eggrolls), I heard repeated happy chirping. At first, I thought our cockatiel Dexter was in a singing mood, but when I looked in his cage, he was quietly moving around. Then I heard it again! I asked I-Dude and J-Pony, who were on the couch if they heard the chirping. "It sounds close" was enough to have them turn off the tv and investigate up the trees through the window. Sure enough, there was a bird up in there singing its heart out. "I see a red bird up there!" squealed I-Dude and I quickly washed my hands, grabbed the camera and looked through the window myself. Of course, I didn't see anything. So I went out and saw it, but as if teasing me, jumped out of sight a few times until I had to circle the tree and caught this beautiful, but "camera shy" red cardinal bird trying to hide from view.

So shy in fact, that right after this shot, it flew away into the small wooded area from our unit. Isn't it beautiful?

I went back to making the egg rolls and though many of the wrappers were hopelessly stuck together and thrown away, I still managed to stash away, 2 1/2 gallon bags of lumpias in the freezer! Yes, I'll have about 165 lumpia pieces after I cut each one into three smaller ones for the party's appetizer! Will have to show the cooked version on Monday. Arms too tired to test out any. ;-(

(That's due to four hours of gently separating, restacking, filling, rolling, sealing each lumpia; and keeping moist the wrappers just right; and... breathing through the frustration of "almost done separating just to have it rip" moments, a bit too many times!)

In the afternoon, we had planned a dinner/swim playdate with a great family in our ward. They just bought a house with this great pool that my two little ones fully tested out. LOL

Inside, she made a great dinner of steak, rolls, corn, mac-n-cheese and Sprite. Everything was delicious and now, I think my children want to be adopted. LOL

They even invited us to come along and hang out at Costco and the mall. It was inspired since I needed to order J's cake for Monday. Then we headed to the mall and that's when the kiddos let me take their pictures. But of course, it's never that easy... Their friend "M&MS", had a great smile, but J hid and I-Dude had a sour face...

Then the silliness came out full force! Let's see, "Peace to tongues hanging out?" ;-D

Or maybe, "Look at the different ways we can make the letter V with our fingers!" (While our faces look distorted) LOL

L-Infinity was with us, but me, Amy and L didn't want to have our mugs grace the lens, so we enjoyed these three's willingness.

This impromptu "street" glamour photoshoot happened on this side of the parking lot.

At this mall...

While people are passing by! There's my great friend, Amy. I promised I wouldn't get her in the shot, but I didn't promise accidentally shooting a wide shot with the back of her head in it. (Let's hope she doesn't mind...) She's a working mama, so I don't get to hang out with her much but we have so much fun when we do! Glad I got to see her today. (Yay!)

You can't beat a great day of swimming, good food, good friends and simple activities.

Amy and "M&MS", love ya for inviting us today!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Looks really fun Chandy. I love all the v's...

I was excited to see your lumpia's. I was curious about them. They look great.

I love bird too. I took a picture awhile back because a parrot was in our tree. I love nice birds.

Chandy said...

A parrot, wow! Loved to have seen that!

Yeah, those V's where quite everywhere. LOL