Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books, Lumpias & A Movie

So the vacation continues over here, but we also love our slow days... Though today became an errand day, we still had fun!

With the new Chore Charts, the kiddos are quick to "check off" their chores and actually help each other finish, right after they eat breakfast. Honestly, I'm impressed at how little I had to beg them to get anything done. (My fingers are tightly crossed that this sticks) We no longer do allowances, it never really worked for us.

Then they each chose something to do. One chose the Wii, the other a computer game and the other read. The best part of it is, they swapped on their own! I got to do a lie-in with Mr. Man as we planned our day. Now that's progress! Yes! ;-)

Afterwards, we dropped off some of the blackberries to our neighbor and friend who also borrowed Mr. Man's chain breaker tool for a project she's doing. In turn, she gave us a humongous serving of broccoli and rice with cheese casserole. Mr. Man was the first one to taste it and loved it! We don't normally do casseroles here, but I don't mind it. It's the kiddos that don't do casseroles, really. So for me and hubs, "lunch is served!"

First we went to our local Public Library to read and borrow more books! The kiddos found great titles within 5 minutes. (no surprise there! LOL). I-Dude even made a friend while I looked up and put on hold some books for me. Sa-weeet deal! (Cost, FREE)

Then we were off to the Asian market, H-Mart, for the lumpia ingredients for J-Pony's 10th birthday next Monday. The kids earned a treat called "Hello Panda", crackers shaped like panda heads with images of different pandas doing sports. You get entertained while you get filled up. ;-) (Cost, $2.97)

After filling up our cart with what we needed, I realized I forgot to eat lunch, so we headed off to Wendy's and each of us ordered one thing from the 99-cent menu board. (Cost, $5)

We ate dinner at home and found the other half of the watermelon still delicious and juicy. And when Mr. Man picked me up from our ward's Enrichment Night on Emergency Preparedness, he thought it'd be nice to have a movie night- Redbox, Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa. (Cost, $1)

I'm wondering if this thriftiness continues, will our kids think we're too cheap? I hope so! LOL

Have a great day!


Michelle said...

sounds like you all had a fun day!!

Chandy said...

Yes, we did! It was fun though very hot. ;-)