Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Sunday

Today was another hot and rather dry day. But chores wait for no one, especially when Sunday is tomorrow. So... from the moment we all woke up, we were mindful of that.

While the kiddos did their chores, I started the rest of the laundry and watered the plants. I also gave our pets their much needed baths! These two, Cece our "diva" cat and Dexter, our "sound effects" cockatiel are buds, but they do get stinky and shed like crazy!
First to bathe, Cece, in the patio. Here she is, being soaped and cleaned by "Mama". I'm the only one that can give her a shower (no tub for this girl) and stay calm. I shower and she runs around until she is completely wet then settles in front of the patio door and wait for the "sudsing" to commence. Look how calm she is...
Then I place her in one of our patio chairs and let her "sunbathe" to dry off. She stays there quietly and just waits until she's dry. When she's dry, she meows and waits for me to come call her in. I told you she's a diva! LOL
Next, is Dexter. I first clean out his cage of all the litter and poop and spent feathers from preening. Then I hold the hose near my head, set it on mist and simulate a light shower in the tropics. He just loves it and stays put until he gets his body wet then shakes it off and stays put again. It's funny really.
Here's Cece all fluffy and clean! Look at our carpet, also freshly vacuumed by L-Infinity. Cece's on I-Dude's booster seat. Right behind it is J-Pony's seat. They use it for the Wii Mario Kart racing game. My living room's a mess, another sorting project. *sigh*
Yes, they played Wii and also read for their programs. Then, I told J-Pony that she should try to make her own brownies using one of the packets Grandma & Grandpa M gave her.
So, she did! From step 1 to the cutting. We offered minimal help, she got frustrated holding the metal bowl with one hand. She was just in heaven! What word did she use again? Oh yeah, "I was pumped!" I got a clear thank you on this one! Yes! ;-)
Doesn't it look great? She even added 1/4 cup of M&Ms! Of course, I put the pan in the oven for her. Yum!
Afterwards, she asked if she can plate my portion "pretty" like I do and to take a picture of it. I was impressed! What do you think? It looked and tasted amazing with the fruits and the crunch from the M&Ms! Great job, J!

For tonight's dinner and tomorrow's, I made two chicken dishes, Adobo (tonight) and Tinola (tomorrow)(Filipino dishes the kids love to eat) and steamed rice.

We then watched some "Aaron Stone" on Disney and "The Pacifier" on Sleuth. L-Infinity even managed to find me a game online that I love playing so I can relax. Then our neighbor Annette, came by and let us know that her hubby's doing great at work and how her children are doing.

In between the movies, Mr. Man called and again, we were blessed to pray as a family. (I did gripe to Mr. Man about the in between bickering and "outdoing" of the kids that drove me insane!) In reality, I shouldn't have...

Lastly, the kids are upstairs, getting their Sunday clothes ready and getting ready for bed. Then even remembered to use their mouth rinse!

Mind you, this is not normal for us. But I do hope it happens again! Do I have a fever? LOL

Hope everyone had a great Saturday

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