Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day of Wii & Books

To most, Saturday is a day for errands and fun activities. To some, it's just another work day, like for Mr. Man. But for me and the kiddos, Saturday has lately become a day to read, quiet down, create and have fun on the Wii. My fave question of the week is, "Mommy, can we play Wii Fit?" They run with each other and delight (ok more like poke fun) at each other's inability to be balanced on the board and of course, constantly tries to outdo each other's scores.

Today, we all enjoyed a blissful 1.5 hours of quiet time. Pure quiet... No TV, no talking, not even the trees were whistling... Aaaahhh... I need more days like this, but I'm quite happy that we had this day. Thanks to these books. Can you guess which one the teenager, the tween and the seven year old read?

And of course, with some quiet time, I also felt refreshed enough to try my luck with another kind of bread recipe using yeast. I came across a dinner roll recipe that looked like cinnamon roll pieces. Again, I substituted for what I didn't have. They didn't look as pretty as the pictures, but they sure tasted good! Mmmm... I drizzled honey on these ones. I also made them sweet rolls by putting in cream cheese and cinnamon sugar in the middle.

Then the Wii was turned on and bodies were measured after a few rounds of Guitar Hero. I-Dude wanted a jogging partner so...
L-Infinity obliged but didn't really run! LOL She just wiggled the remote control. J-Pony says, "That's cheating, isn't it?"
L explained that it's ok since she had no other pockets big enough to hold it. I agree with J. ;-)
That message was for I-Dude; he got a little too fast for his own Mii avatar. He sure loves being wiggly! Thank you so much for the Wii System, Grandma and Grandpa! It is quite loved!
When Mr. Man called, it signaled it's time to call it quits and bid each other goodnight. So, the toys were put away, the Wii's turned off, the kiddos off to the upstairs bath to do their nighttime rituals and again.... blissful quiet time...
Total Cost; FREE!

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