Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're Better! + Our Summer Plans

Woohoo! Woohoo! We are so much better today! I-Dude and J-Pony just had the nasty 24-hour, puke your guts out while burning with fever, tummy bug and my throat is back to "not so scratchy" state again. Yes!

I want to thank all those who prayed in our behalf for a speedy recovery. Boy, did we need to since we really couldn't afford to have our dad, Mr. Man, get sick from us! Nope, we can't afford it!

As for our summer plans, we have decided to stay put and just explore North Texas a bit. Plus, we are bent on saving money while having a great summer vacation.

Here's the line up so far: (in parentheses, TOTAL Cost)

June 6- (FREE) Swam, walked, baked & taste-tested 3 types of cookies, read books, played games and watched Disney premiers; L-Infinity took her SAT test in Frisco (paid two weeks before). J-Pony and I-Dude start their "1000 Minutes Readers' Hall of Fame Summer Challenge" for school.

June 7- (FREE) Mr. Man comes home! Yay! Sabbath and also, we were sick. J-Pony went to Urgent Care for jammed pinky. (No break, yay!)

June 8- (FREE) FHE: Being Frugal at Summertime- all day lesson; Signed up for Reading Summer Program (10 or more books) at our public library. Also, went to Fry's Electronics in Plano, to return something and choose which Wii games we want to rent soon. The kiddos had a great time seeing all the accessories and game titles!

June 9- ($2.08) Watched "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" on DVD (hilarious!)(Redbox-$1); SWA Hangar 5 & Maintenance Training Room tour + Popcorn & pictures; BBQ with Mr. Man in our newly cleaned patio! Made crustini with slim french bread (Albertson's-$1).

First, they checked out an engine and showcased it... Got a little too hot so they sat (cooled off) in front of the turbo fan.

Of course, the passenger seats are next to be tested, then...

No SWA Maintenance Training tour would be complete without an unbiased testing of the pilot seat! J-Pony pulling back on the yoke...

And I-Dude approving the comfiness level of the sheepskin lined seat!
The popcorn bags, their treat for being willing testers of course! LOL

Here's the BBQ dinner...

We enjoyed some baby back ribs (banana sauce marinade), steamed rice, watermelon, crustini with garlic herb butter and summer salad with chopped walnuts & a raspberry/pecan dressing. Yummy for the tummy! We also had some "brain juice" (Minute Maid Pomegranate Blueberry) to drink!

Plus, the breeze was amazing! So nice to be out there listening to the whispers of the leaves and feeling the gentle caress of the wind while enjoying the occasional surprise of a jet plane's lights or more stars peeking out... Perfect day for us!

As Mr. Man said, "Everything is 100%!" Yes!!!

Thank you, Daddy for a great day!

There, now you're updated on our happenings! You'll have to come back tomorrow to see what we do (inexpensively) next!

Now, it's your turn! What are your plans this summer?


MoziEsmé said...

Glad you're better. Sounds like a busy busy time! No plans here, except hopefully to finish potty training before fall!

Chandy said...

Welcome Mozi! LOL I remember those days...