Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Happy" "Happy" Day!

At least today, it is for us! It's Sunday, it's Father's Day, it's officially Summertime and something else. Hmmmm. What could it be? Well, whatever it is, it's making Cece bored from waiting, and...

Dexter's getting fidgety...

Are they waiting for Mr. Man to come home from the airport and pick up the two smallish kiddos from church? (I had to stay home with L-Infinity; her tummy was a little sickie) Maybe... what did I forget? Oh I know, it's also... (drum roll please) J-Pony's 10th birthday! Yay!!!

Back in 1999, on this very day, at 6:12 PM, I gave birth to a baby girl with a peach fuzz head! LOL She looked like a lollipop that her pediatrician who looked her over said, "I don't know how you could be 8 lbs. 2.5 oz. You're so tiny." Then he measured her head and declared, "That's where the 8 lbs. went!" LOL

She was supposed to be Mr. Man's Father's Day gift back in 1999, the date, June 19th. But she had her own schedule and came out 2 days late! (That's her... ;-D) Now here we are, 10 years later, she is again his ultimate gift from me. J-Pony thinks that is one sweet deal and is quick to remind him that. LOL

Since then, she's been helping us welcome Summer and gracing us with this great smile and I can't wait to see more.

(We took this shot at exactly 6:12PM)

Since it's also Father's Day, I had to set the table of course. And to give it a more neutral look, I chose blue and green. This is what J-Pony requested, rice and teriyaki porkchop (I made the teriyaki sauce myself, too). I also let them have more of the sweet rolls that I made yesterday, which Mr. Man raved about. Yay!
Then it's time to open some of Grandma & Grandpa M's gifts! Here's Daddy and I-Dude to the rescue! If you click the picture to enlarge it, you'll see L-Infinity on the couch, under a blanket because her body is still a little blah from the tummy bug... Poor baby... ;-( What's that? It's a Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook! I guess I'll be cooking more! LOL She can't wait to use that.
The other one, it's a computer game! She loves games like these, great choice grands! (wink, wink)
Now on to some "keck" time! I mean, cake (aherm). Sorry about that, Mr. Man loves to make funny sounds with some common words with the kiddos. You can only live under the same roof for so long before you sound like the others, you know. LOL

Each candle is worth two years and if you still remember your multiplication table, that equals to... 10! How do you like the cake? Yes, I made that, too! She asked for a marble cake and marble I delivered. Gotta please the birthday girl, right? Right!
"Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you..." (singing somewhat off key) Isn't she so patient? What could she be wishing for? (Let's hope it's getting us a brand spanking new house with some land and horse or two for her. Wouldn't that be a grand wish to grant? Any fairies listening?) I better not ask her or it won't come true.
And the candles are out! Yay!!! (all clapping)
Here's what each slice looked like. Mr. Man said it was moist and the kiddos loved it. (So beaming right now...)

Oh, how rude of me, this is your delish slice of her cake. I guarantee it to melt in your mouth.

Thanks for celebrating her 10th birthday with us! Hope you enjoyed the cake!

Total Cost; FREE!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Lots of fun going on over there. Happy happy is right.

10 is my daughters age. Everything looks perfect.

Chandy said...

Jan, congrats to her 10th bday as well! Definitely "happy, happy"! I was quite surprised at how everything turned out. But then again, I'm glad that everything turned out well. ;-)

farmerswife17 said...

My sis the perfectionist! Yep, everything looks great as usual! Glad it was a happy day for all!

Happy birthday sweet neice of mine! Wish we could have been there to help devoure the yummy marble cake!

Love you (all),
Auntie Kate

Chandy said...

Well, sis, I don't know about perfection, but I gotta admit, I'm having a good week with food! ;-)

To this novice, I'll take all the good days that I can get. Hee hee!

Love ya all right back!