Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lots of gigglin' going on...

I guess this was the dreaded "Giggle Day" that the kiddos had been planning for. Whatever they told each other, laughter followed and the cycle repeated.

A Sample:
"Does February March?" "No, but April May before June."

"Why does fried eggs taste so good?" "Because they came from fried chickens!"

Along with other jokes, movements, quotes, sayings. They just kept laughing and singing even. I tried really hard not to laugh too much as I know that'll just encourage them further and nothing would have been done. I guess it helped that I was feeling a little grumpy?

I actually woke up feeling like my back is hopelessly bent, which made me feel grumpy. But there were the chores, the gardening (my herb garden just won't take for some reason)and going back to the grind of our summer chores, I mean projects.

Chores and reading didn't make a dent on their fun at all today, one always seemed to have a funny thing to say.

And it would seem that the kiddos really love their new Wii games, it overheated from too much playtime. LOL

I even tried to calm them down with three rounds of
But the giggle and laughing fit just hit them good today. The noise level was wow!

I may have had to tell them to quiet down several time, but between you and me, it's one LOVELY sound...

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