Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The List is Longer than I Thought

I guess the errand list got cut in half yesterday since we were also everywhere today!

Apple Store- Mr. Man got a replacement I-Pod because the power button on his didn't work anymore.

Claire's- J-Pony has very sensitive ears, wants earrings but we can't afford a lot of the good ones. LOL Found some good ones for B2G1F!

Wet Seal- L-Infinity found an inexpensive top for her traditional "farewell" outfit gift from us each summer she takes off to Michigan to see family.

Panda Express-I was watching my neighbor's kid and she says, "I haven't eaten any breakfast or lunch yet." Great! Change of plans... (We were gonna wait to eat a late lunch at home).

Half-Price Books- the two smallish kiddos are on their "Feed Your Brain" Reading program. Read for 15 minutes a day and at the end of the week, turn it in and earn $3 off any book! They earned their first set of coupons and promptly found books! No surprise there!

Library- we had some books on hold. Again, no surprise...

Walmart- food for Mr. Man in Chicago and more yeast for me! I was also needing new flip-flops, but couldn't find any "non-crazy" styles for the cheap ones or too much for the nice ones.

I am exhausted!

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