Sunday, June 7, 2009

Perhaps Too Much Cleaning?

J-Pony and I are both very sick with chest colds, fever and headache. Plus, she jammed her pinky from school last Friday afternoon, so, it's on a splint. Instead of church, we're both headed for the Urgent care instead. *sigh*

Good thing I got much done Friday and Saturday... The fridge has cooked meals and the table have cookies. We've got Veggie Tales and other great LDS movies. I can sleep after we get back.

Mr. Man's coming home today from Chicago. Yay...


Hansonpatch said...

I hope that you all make a speedy recovery! Especially that little I-dude! That nebulizer asthma stuff can be really scary for him, and even more so for you right? Your in my prayers!

Chandy said...

I know, so I'm glad that we're better now. So so glad!