Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of School & Patio Clean-up

You read right, today, we officially welcome Summer Vacation! While most families are practically done with their packing for their big vacations, we are going to stay put this summer. Texas is so big that we thought, it would be fun to explore the nearby areas to give our bank account a much needed rest (as if they really worked hard, lol)

Anyway, here are the kiddos on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! That's right outside the front door, in front of the living room window tree that I love to see during the day. Just before they took off for the bus, I grabbed the ol' Canon Power Shot and asked if they would be so kind as to grace me with their pearly whites on three. I think they heard me. ;-)

They had a half day, so they got home at 1:45PM, but before that, I was babysitting my neighbor's two kiddos until about 3PM. I made Pasta Roni, scrambled eggs, curly fries and of course, the chocolate cookies from last night and beverage.

L-Infinity got home first, then J-Pony and I-Dude with the neighbor's kiddos. And they boxed, played baseball, jumped, bowled, and made rollercoasters on the Wii. Then there was the Lego construction and the Hot Wheels tracks. Oh, and the noise was WOW! I had to ask them to turn down the volume (of their voices) a couple of times.

Here are their First Day of School shots. Can you see how much they've grown? Maybe not so much in height, but their faces...

Then, after we're all by ourselves again, we tackled the patio which is a lot harder than I thought since most of the mud, leaves and gunk got caked on at the corners. We had to take practically everything out and hose down the concrete!

This is I-Dude resting with his Capri Sun after about an hour of cleaning. He lifted, threw away and moved stuff for me. Didn't complain once!

And here are the girls, L & J resting after we were able to uncover (literally) and hose down the chairs. Two got a bit pink since the cover ripped at the top and the sun baked the top two chairs.

See the wet spots? That's the newly cleaned concrete ground. It's funny, when it was all dirty from the weather, it looked dim and sad. Now, with a cleaner area and things slowly being "styled", then it's quite bright out there but we have had the same light bulb since last year!

Obviously, it's not all done yet, we are still configuring where things are gonna be after Mr. Man takes out certain items to the storage. My fingers are crossed; I want more space out there! I also can't wait to do tablescaping out there!

Have a great weekend!


Hansonpatch said...

Your outdoor tablescapes will be breathtaking I am sure! I hope that you guys don't strain anything with all of the beautification process. The kids are so cute! Seriously you have the cutest kids! Anyway, Have a great first summer day today! Hugs!

Chandy said...

Hugs right back at ya! I hope so too, as I've been waiting since winter, lol!

They are cute, aren't they? Thanks!

Smilingsal said...

Your place will soon sparkle!

MnM said...

Hooray for the last day of school! I know what you mean about just exploring your local area instead of a big vacation... that's what we have done for the last few years to AZ. I've seen it all pretty much. Enjoy Texas this summer!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Mel! I am so looking forward to be able to come home every night despite a long day cruising Texas. :-)