Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Errand Day

We found ourselves cramming every errand we had, today. It used to be Wednesday. Before that, it used to be Monday. I guess as long as things get done it doesn't matter when you do it, right?

After waking up, I remembered I signed up for an all-white tablescaping meme at my other blog. This is what I came up with.

Then I called to change appointments for L-Infinity so it wouldn't interfere with her trip to Michigan.

After, we headed to Costco to return this gorgeous recycled green glass lemonade dispensar jar that had a huge stress crack on the inside. We discovered it last night after everyone left and were feeling so blessed that it did not crack and flooded the carpet with lemonade! Talk about relief! Whew! Oh yeah, also socks; and soap to wash the socks. LOL

We then went to Fry's Electronics to grab a new power supply box for our "dead" computer. Mr. Man made a good call in swapping that since with the new one, the computer is alive again! (Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!!! What, too much? hee hee).

Right next door is a Home Depot. We needed some pull chain for the kiddos bedroom ceiling fan that kept on breaking. Since we needed two, each two smallish kiddos got to choose one. The verdict, a green swirly design and a... baseball! I've also been wanting to have something block the bottom part of our window ledge outside since we love to read and lie down on the couch. I chose some purple coleus (6 /$8.00) to start me off to a good mood each day I open the blinds. (Photo borrowed online)

And a new nozzle is needed. Can't be wasting water you know! Our current one, sprays backwards! (If you can see that, that's what happened!) We found something similar to the online pic below but green I think...
We treated the kiddos to lunch at McDonald's so that's their "vacation treat" today. We splurged with $20 plus change. (That's about $10 cheaper than our usual, yes!!!)

We hit Ross and Target for some items on Mr. Man's list. Last stop, Albertson's for some milk. Then home for some leftovers! Yep, in my house, leftover is a cause for celebration... (You got me, I'm as normal as you are, I don't cook everyday either!) LOL

The kiddos asked for the remaining lumpias, so I cooked them but I requested to take a few pictures for my cookbook that I can never seem to start! Here they are for your viewing pleasure...

A good dinner means a good round of a Wii game afterwards. In Fry's Electronics, we found a combo of game+wheel + another wheel + another game for a comfortable price for us. When we went to Target, we found out that we saved $20.00! (woot woot)
So now, Mr. Man and I-Dude have their Mario Kart racing game complete with the steering wheels while J-Pony & L-Infinity have their Agatha Christie mystery game! Mommy (that's me) is so happy to finally stop the noise of begging and whining and hinting for these games since they came out! Aaahhh.... silence.... ;-)

How are you enjoying your vacation? Btw, it was a sweltering 100 degrees today!


Jan the crazy lady said...

How fun. You are certainly living it up over there. Even in the hot.

That is great that you are really being so frugal. We love Wii around here too :)

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! We so need to be frugal now a days don't we? our Wii is quite loved, yes... ;-)

Hansonpatch said...

Sounds like a great weekend, followed by a great week! Sorry It has been so long! Its been crazy lately! Happy B-DAY J-pony!!!! I am so glad she had a great day, and such a great party on Monday! Hurray for MOM!

Chandy said...

Hello back! Love to hear from you, she sure did have a fun week though quite exhausting for us, that's for sure!