Friday, June 26, 2009

I know Paper is from Trees...

Hosted by "Vintage Postcards Cpaphil"

Sorry for not joining in last week, been really busy!

Hello again! If you love postcards to send like I do or collecting them blank or used, then you should join in every Friday and meet Marie Reed, our darling host residing in France. She lets everyone show off their fave postcard for the week and talk a little bit about them.

Me, honestly, I love the unusual and mailing them out to friends. Like these ones for example. I don't own any, yet, but I'd love to if I ever came across one for cheap! Maybe, I'll just ask Mr. Man to make me some. LOL

If paper is the result of wet wood pulp being smoothed out, then...

Is this a step before that? LOL

Imagine that, carvable wooden postcards by Drus Dryden through E-Potpourri dot com.

I just love it!

Thanks for hosting Marie and hope you all enjoyed seeing these wooden postcards. It made me smile! Have a great weekend!


Marie Reed said...

Wowsers! that is tooo groovy! I've never seen anything like this! hmmmm... I'll have to get cracking on making something similar! What a nifty idea:) Happy PFF Chandy!

Postcardy said...

I saw some of these for sale and they seemed awfully expensive, but you could make your own for a fraction of the price if you can find a source for the right kind of wood.

A couple of years ago I made a collection of as many types of wooden cards as I could. I have them displayed on my website (not my blog).

Beth Niquette said...

I've never seen such a thing--how unusual! Marie is right, it's GROOVY! Happy PFF!

Jan the crazy lady said...

I have never seen a thing like that before. How cool.

Marina Miranda said...

this is really vintage!neat post and I loved it!
happy PFF xx

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow! I've never seen such a thing...too cool!
This is my first time playing PFF and I am so enjoying meeting all of you cool people!
Enjoyed my visit here~
everything vintage

Kirby3131 said...

What a cool find! I had never heard of such a thing, but will be keeping my eyes peeled to make sure I don't miss them.

Robin said...

Oh yes.....I have seen these. But like you, I have not one. Maybe I'll buy a few from Marie....when she has milled some out. ;-)

Have a beautiful weekend

Terry said...

Howdy Chandy
Wow these are soooooooo cool.
I have not seen one before .
Happy Pff to you sweet lady .
I missed last friday too !
It was my 25th anniversary .
Hubby and I spent the afternoon away from home.
Have a fabulous Friday .
Happy Trails

Sheila said...

Wouldn't it be great to get a card like that! I've never seen or even heard of any like that before.

Chandy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by everyone!

Debby said...

WOW!!! These are fab! Would be fun to reeive. Thanks for sharing.

LaY hOoN said...

I had bought some of this kind postcard before .

Chandy said...

Thank you ladies!