Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FHE: Night Swimming

It's July again tomorrow and that means... L-Infinity is headed for Michigan! Since her normal stop is in Chicago, then she gets to travel with Mr. Man. But before all the packing, errands and chores must be done!

We had a difficult time today; no one did their chores unless I was practically breathing down their necks. Everytime I turned, they were about to start another race on the Wii! Boy was I stressed out today! Whatever it was, I was irritated and could feel myself getting more and more frustrated! Let's just say I was eager to start the day and be distracted!

We first went to return all the library books since we just couldn't find any other time to return them with all the things lined up. Then, we went inside to turn in the kids' Summer Reading forms and they received certificates and a free book each! L-Infinity will get a free book for each book review she adds on the library's teen review website! As she would say, "that's pretty legit, Mommy!" She read 11 books in 4 days! I say she deserves what she gets! ;-)

J-Pony is really into thrillers lately and I-Dude is just having fun exploring chapter books. He loves "multi-stories" books.
Then again off to Half-Price Books and turn in their "Feed Your Brain" weekly reading forms for $3 off coupons. J-Pony chose a multiple story Goosebumps hardcover for less than $4 and I-Dude found the two chapter books on the bottom. I even found the newest Artemis Fowl book for over than half the listed price! Cool!
We grabbed some more luggage out of the storage then hit the store for some chicken. While my version of "Shake and Bake" oven fried chicken were in the oven working on becoming delish, I remembered to water the plants.
The herb seedlings are starting to come out more and my coleus are doing great on our living room window sill! See that green shoot at the top? It's a flower! I am so excited! I've killed a few pots before and it totally traumatized me for a while... These ones are so important for me to keep alive because they are deep purple and the pots are an indulgence... (I've been wanting them forever!)
Then we went night swimming at the pool of our family friend we were "yard sitting" for. Yes, we did get their permission. LOL
We invited "D-Boy" to tag along the whole day so he and L-Infinity can have a long "farewell".
And there they go!
Our lesson for tonight is making the best of our time together and not worrying about having money or thinking of things we do not have or wish to have because others have it.
Have a great week! I miss my teen baby already...

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