Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Walking & Cool Clouds!

Since it's also the Philippines' Independence Day (Spanish American War 1898), we decided to make some pansit. But first, we had to get cabbage... Easy enough right? WRONG!

We have no car; Mr. Man drove it to the airport, and our neighbors weren't available, so we walked to the store.

First, I decided to treat the kids to Sonic. Big mistake! It was over a mile away! By the time we got there, to take advantage of the "Happy Hour" 1/2 priced slushes and drinks, we were so tired, we didn't even enjoy it! I for one, kept getting brain freezes. The kids just kept playing with their slushes and we eventually had to combine the two and of course, throw it away though it was still over halfway full! Even bribing them with tots didn't work. (Cost; $3.28)

Now I know not to go there on foot anymore! Our poor bodies... Then we hit Albertson's for some cabbage and found a great deal on raspberries, but the sharp packaging sliced through the bag and one dropped!

(On the way back, I-Dude found this concrete elephant and

he just had to "ride on" him and even stand up!)

I had to go back and grab another one! Man! Good thing, the CS at Alb's was so nice, that she even got me a bag for my raspberries. As for the pansit, it'll have to wait til' tomorrow... My arms and legs are killing me! (serves me right... LOL)

J-Pony thought that it was rather "yellow" out in the patio, so we went out and investigated. These are what greeted us outside!

Some bright orange thick cloud formation over our complex! After a few minutes and to our right...

Peach clouds over blue-gray across the carports, and ...

Pink clouds at our front door! This all happened within 5 minutes! Isn't it amazing?!

I so love where we live!!! Never a dull moment in our little clearing!


Jan the crazy lady said...

Beautiful pictures. I am sorry that your trekking didn't work out as planned. It sorta made me chuckle though. Only because of how you explained it. You did a funny job. I was so there with you guys walking away and then tired.

The clouds and skies are just beautiful. You do live in a lovely place.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Jan! Still sore... ;-(

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I too couldn't help but laugh at your walking story, I remember when I was young we walked every where, now, I'd be drop dead tired before I went 50
your pictures of the sky was just beautiful...I loved the beautiful pink sky.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Marjorie! I can laugh at it now but it wasn't fun yesterday!