Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mall Time and Game Night!

Yesterday, L-Infinity went to Girls' Camp, so it was just the four of us until she comes back on Saturday.

Today was a great day! We had a late start, but again, we made the best of it! First, we went to the Willow Bend Mall for some playtime!

There's I-Dude at the Play Area between two "sunny side-up" eggs...

And the giant bill ticket!

Here's J-Pony bummed out that she was too tall to play in it plus
there were tons of babies today! ;-(

So, what's a mom to do without shellin' out cash?
Take her to DSW and try out some grown up shoes!

That's her foot above trying one a size 7 by Ralph Lauren,
while below is my foot in a 6M sexy black strappy number by Chinese Laundry!

Then we hit "Chinese Avenue" for some cultural "eye candy".
She loves seeing these jade horse sculptures!

And of course, no girl is happy unless surrounded by purses and a great outfit!

And the ol' standby... Macy's! Of course I had to steer her into the Home section...
She thinks Mr. Man would love these orange Fiesta ware... I think so, too! Great taste, kid!

She didn't like the bed behind her but loved that sofa!

So in the end, she was satisfied to go back to reading her book, while...
I took a last picture of her brother by the fountain!

We promised them Game Day and Game Day they got!
First, J-Pony and Mr. Man dominated us in this game proving they know us better than we know them.... ;-)

Then dusted the ol'...
And play it long enough to have I-Dude take the

"big cheese" home!

Then we built zoos in "Zooreka", and of course, I-Dude won in like 15 minutes! Yikes!

Then after the thunderstorm / tornado watch (about 30 minutes),
we finished our round of Rummikub!
Mr. Man won this round!

Whew! Boy, we had a day!
And, we checked in on a neighbor's dog, and I babysat for 15 minutes next door!


Chandy said...

From M Foster:

Hi, C. I watched on the news that you got hit by a pretty bad storm. Are you alright?
By the way, I'm glad you are feeling better now. K and I are sick, well it's not too bad. We can eat and move around great, but we both have stuffy nose so just can't breath and can't tast anything.
Our summer plan is to go to San Diego in July. Randy's mom and brother and sister's family will be there too. So we are going to do big family vacation stuff with them.
Hope you guys are all alright.


Chandy said...

M, we're alright... Thank goodness the storm didn't hit our specific area that much!