Friday, June 19, 2009

I Baked, I baked!

To the veteran, if not professional bakers, this is ho-hum post, but to this "newer than new" baker, it is a post of victory! To the pros, you can choose to leave or stay to see how I did. Yes, I don't want to count the cookies or brownies, anyone can make those, I'm talking baking AN HONEST TO GOODNESS, REAL LIFE, LOAF OF BREAD! (I see you laughing back there, but I'm just so happy, I'm considering that a laughter of pride for me!) ;-)

If you recall, I declared myself as the "stock up" queen and that I recently sectioned off a baking center in my tiny kitchen. Well... stocking up and tiny doesn't always mesh so that means too much baking goodies and not much space!

Such is the story of my stock of AP flour and while I was refilling my barely emptied flour container, I noticed the recipe on the back of the paper bag. It reads yummy, doesn't it? I don't know if you can read it, but it asked for mozzarella. I don't have that but I did have some grated cheddar so...
After following the directions of cooking the oatmeal,
And mixing it in the flour mix with 1 egg,
I mixed it well then added enough extra flour to stiffen the dough, kneaded it and waited for it to double in size. I had fun punching down the dough and adding in the cheddar cheese. I rolled it and cut a slit on the top and brushed on some herb butter. After 15 minutes of baking @ 375 deg, I brushed on more herb butter on the top and baked it for another 15.
My oven was a bit too hot, so the top was too done for my taste, but the rest of the bread was unbelievable! This is how it came out! "I baked, I baked..." ("Brain is gloating in a sing-song fashion, lol)
Cooled it down for 10 mins and took pictures for Mr. Man who had to call both for us to pray and to audibly tell me that the pictures looked good. And of course, to save him some! (As if I wouldn't!)
Since I baked it rather late, the kiddos got to taste it fresh and warm... Look at how beautiful each slice is! See the marbling, that's the ol' cheddar! The crust is so good! The creamy taste of the oatmeal really came through.
Want proof of how good it is? Just look at the satisfied customers!
Total Cost: FREE!

As for the earlier part of the day... well, the kiddos had a rough start with their chores but they got done, including I-Dude learning to do his own laundry! (Did I mention I was vying for Mother of the Year? LOL) We finished the rest of the cinnamon rolls with a side of ice cold milk and cut strawberries. Then I made a Filipino meat dish called "sinigang" for dinner (which was eaten on time, btw) that the kiddos love to eat while L-Infinity steamed the rice.
Most of the day, the kiddos read, watched, read and cleaned and drew pictures. It was a slow day and so glad about that... It must have been a slow day since I ba-ked, I baked! Hee, hee!
Also, we spent a great deal looking into our "dead" computer. Yep, you read right, DEAD, as in not capable of turning on. I personally cleaned the power strip and dusted both sides of the computer case on the inside and traced the power button to its connection to the motherboard and nope, nada, nothing, zilch, power connection.
Mr. Man was so proud of me when I reported all that I did. LOL I guess that's another project to put on his list...


Jan the crazy lady said...

You constantly put my cooking skills to total shame. You are so great. This looks fantastic and free too. That is a bonus.

Chandy said...

Jan, you're so funny! I am more gloating at the fact that I actually conquered the fear of baking bread! LOL

Smilingsal said...

You can't beat those satisfied customers!

Chandy said...

I agree Sal! I agree! ;-)

Janet said...

That bread looks delicious! And what a great photo of the kids enjoying it! You should be very proud.

Chandy said...

Thanks, Janet! I've baked rolls and another bread since then. Yes!