Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Better- In Style!

We will be finished with I-Dude's 6x/day nebulizer treatment by 12:30AM. And we start the 4x/day set of treatments for the next three days.

We haven't really done this intense therapy for him since he was about 3 years old. I, for one, forgot how truly exhausting it is. Both for us and him. It was heartbreaking to wake him up at 12:30 this morning and trying to get him to wake up long enough to breathe the Albuterol mist in.

So for his posterity, I share with all of you how he has found a way to take his treatments in style! Being seven and easily distracted, we want him to be able to sit still for about 5 minutes. Plus, the mist gets into his eyes sometimes and it quite bothers him; so... with his newly found Hot Wheels shades, and Fish mask, I give you...

I-Dude, the ever cool "Fish Face" Boy! ;-)

Look, it's not comfortable enough unless he's also got a great book to distract him. LOL
I can't stop myself from thinking, while I took these pictures, of how his own children someday would react to these pictures. I think they're gonna declare him "stylish in the face of inconvenience" as well. ;-)

Ok, I'm off to get ready for bed now. The last week of school awaits us and Summer's peeking around the corner. I need to get on the Summer mode so we can at least feel that we're on vacation. My patio needs to be readied and more herbs need to be planted. I miss my fresh basil!


Smilingsal said...

Good solution to a difficult problem.

Chandy said...

Ha ha!

Pink Ink said...

Wow, he's a trooper. It's amazing how kids can deal with things life hands them. I love the pic with him reading while undergoing treatment.

Tooj said...

Oh, how I understand! I have a 4 year old (almost 5, in August) and we have the nebulizer and inhaler and albuterol and the's such an exhausting thing, agreed. Thankfully for us, he's been attack-free for nearly 2 years. We have him taking 2 daily allergy pills (singulair and a generic claritin) and he's had nearly NO asthma symptoms. I know it can't cure all, but it's certainly helped him. We puff off the inhaler once in a GREAT while, and we are so thankful. Now his little 1 year old brother is starting up, so we have him on the pills too. Just a thought, in case your son's triggers are weather and allergy related. :) I'm stopping by from SITS. Happy Monday!

Chandy said...

Pink, I do too! :-D He is a trooper and doesn't really mind it.

Tooj; welcome and thanks for the advise. I'll definitely keep that in mind.