Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dare I Say Yummy?

Here are more pictures of our newly reorganized and rather clean kitchen! Yay, me!!!

Here's the stove area...

And here's across the way to where the cutting boards are- next to the sink!

Tonight, we discovered that we have so many sugars and flour packages opened that they interfered with my new clean baking area! We can't have that, right? ;-)

Here's some cakey sugar cookies... (I didn't want them cakey, but the kids loved them)

This is called "Easy Crab Supreme". A recipe that I got from a Clabber Girl Baking Mix tub label. It's supposed to be on a small pizza pan, but I used my $3 Goodwill Quiche dish and now my fam calls it, "Easy Crab Bread Quiche".

These thin cookies are my own recipe. Its base is sugar cookies but I added cocoa and baking powder instead of cream of tartar. I call them... "Slim Cocoas"! That's three fairly big but quite thin chocolate cookies! Dare I say it, it was an instant hit!

I don't like making all these sweet stuff for my kids as desserts, but until all the flour, sugar and cocoa have been spent, I guess I'm stuck with sweets a day! One thing for sure, my next door neighbor's kids are lovin' them, too! ;-)

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