Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cleaning and Cooking

We decided to stay in today, but we also went to the Library to renew our cards and pick up I-Dude's prescription at CVS. At home, we totally went OT mode on cleaning and reorganizing.

Just before we got crazy on the chores, we had our own version of "McMuffin". I toasted our English muffins and I added tomatoes for a healthier add-in. We powered up with OJ, water and vitamins.

I reorganized my dishes again to accomodate the ones we found in the storage. Yes, I have more in there... I also washed dishes and cooked our meals. Mr. Man was busy going through our MBd to pick out stuff he wants to bring with him to Chicago. We found a couple of his post-mission pictures from the Philippines. Let's just say I have a gorgeous hubby... (lucky me!) :-D

The kiddos, since L-Infinity also got sick today with a cough and congestion, got to have a free day. We played a round of Rummikub and watched a music video of the Crazy Frog as well as they played a detective game on the computer.

Out of 3.5lbs of thinly sliced ribeye steaks, I was able to make three dishes that yielded 6-9 meals for us in two to three days. How much was the meat? Only $6.85! I made our staple, Bistek, a Filipino beef steak with onion in soy sauce. You eat it with freshly steamed Jasmine rice. So good!

Mr. Man also craved Beef Stroganoff, so I made that but Rachel Ray's recipe fell flat for him. He had to call his mama (so cute) to ask her recipe and we discovered that the magic ingredient was ketchup for his pallet! ;-) I quickly rewrote the recipe and filed it away in the computer for future reference.

Then, to end the day, we also decided that some Rootbeer Floats would be a great dessert since we didn't have much of those this week. I topped each pilsner with Redi-whip and a blackberry. It was a nice tang to all that sweetness!

Of course, the day wouldn't be officially over unless we prayed for all of our needs, friends and loved ones.

We had a great day today; the sun was out, mildly breezy and we had minimal errands. I'm so grateful that I have a family that love to spend time with me, love my cooking and love to tell me their thoughts and feelings. That I have one of the greatest husbands in the world. I-Dude was able to get his treatments on time, J-Pony set the two alarms in their room to go off every four hours and Mr. Man's alarms also. L-Infinity even made sure that she took medication every six hours and drank lots of water.

Like I've mentioned in our family creed, "We don't have much money or the best of everything, but our kingdom is full of love, laughter and wonderful memories." We live this way, everyday...

How was your warm Saturday?


Lori E said...

Sounds like a beautiful day for you and your family. Hope the little one gets better, at least by the time housecleaning comes around again.

Chandy said...

Lori, I hope so... I hope so. Great to see you here. Visit anytime!

Dejoni said...

Beef stroganoff sounds yummy...even with ketchup.
Thanks for coming by my SITS day.

Chandy said...

Hello Dejoni! Welcome!