Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No More Errands, Please!

It's only Wednesday and we're already tired of getting everything that our children needs and taking them to where they need to go. (At least IStock Photo dot com knows how we felt today...) *sigh*

L-Infinity had a Dentist appointment today to tighten her braces and change the bands from turquoise to silver. Then as tradition, she earned a trip to the nearest fast food joint. Then we she came home, reminded us about a little fact that she has a Math project that took us to Michael's for some canvas tote bag; Office Depot for Sharpies, colored of course, and Albertson's for some hairspray. Why did we have to get all of these for her, she had to be at Mutual since it's Wednesday!

J-Pony announces in Michael's that she needs a white pillowcase. Do we have a white pillowcase, of course not! Good thing, we have until next week to find one. Whew! ;-)

I-Dude needs to bring a board game to school tomorrow. Now the hunt for a small portable board game begins...

At least we were able to sneak in a short nap and a Smallville episode before laundry and the dishes screamed for our attention. LOL

If you didn't get tired if you had this day, then you are a super parent!


Chandy said...

From Elaine L: (email)

Thanks for the link. You’re not allowed to move your blog without sending me an update! I had to wait two or three days before Kate updated the link on her site. I even tried “googling” complicated simplicity, but no luck on finding yours. Things are going well here. Justin gets out of school on Friday, so he’s excited about that. I’m hoping to retire July 1st after 31+ years here, so I’m excited about that too. Frances told me Mr. Man got sent to Chicago , bummer! Hopefully something in Houston will open up soon. Congrats on your Associate’s Degree!

Hansonpatch said...

A busy day no doubt about it! I like busy days though because you go to sleep feeling as though you have accomplished something! Sounds fun to be in the middle of all of the storms (minus that pesky tornado threat looming in the air). L-infinitys new do is so cute, and congrats on all the awards. I have the feeling that it is not the end of your school awards era! I need to go to the new goodwill near campus sometime to look around. Maybe I can find some killer deals like you did!

Hansonpatch said...

Thanks for the tip on the yellow dishes I will have to go take a peek next time I go to the grocery store. Have fun at the book fair, and thanks for the help in the tablescape linking thing. I will try to come up with something!