Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FHE: Cinco de Mayo Dinner- Muy Sabroso!

We had a busy day yesterday and today. I needed a more dedicated baking area for the few times that I do bake since I can't stand using the table for sticky and messy batters. I'll have to show the pictures tomorrow.

Tonight, is our very first Cinco de Mayo celebration dinner. Since the kids are home from school, I needed a special dinner to distract them. So tonight became our Family Home Evening!

I made the placesetting simple but fun.

C'mon, everything's ready!

Plus, L-Infinity and Daniel are in the same Spanish class so what a great way to teach them to love what they are learning! Yes, I'm afraid they had a little too much love for the food! LOL

Want some Sangria? It's my own recipe.

Here's a seat for you.... Are you comfy?

How do you like the overall table?
The chicken enchiladas, beef and cheese taquitos, Spanish rice, and cubed beef soft tacos are on the counter.

Which one would you like to start with first?

There... Wasn't everything wonderful? You're ready for dessert already? Wow!
How about your very own piece of Ferrero Rondnoir?
Pure chocolatey goodness!

Why don't you find a spot in the couch and join the kiddos in watching-


Mr. Man and I teach our children to love all people and one way to do that is through food and respect for the culture of those different from us.



Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Family, food, fun, the perfect ingredients for a Cinco De Mayo fiesta . We had a wonderful celebration dinner at my house too.
It was "muy sabroso tambiƩn!"

Sweet wishes.

Chandy said...

Sara, I bet everything was delicious! Welcome and thank you!

Pink Ink said...

I love how you set the table and made a big to-do over the holiday. We made mexican dip for dinner, yum.

Chandy said...

Hi Jewel, that sounds good, too! I'll have to try that!