Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hawk Awards Night!

We spent the day, paying bills and having Mr. Man's tools refilled with his missing tools for work. I got to meet some of the other SWA employees he used to work with. I can honestly tell you that the friendly facade is not a facade. I have yet to meet a SWA employee not ready to greet you.

In the vein of having a full day, L-Infinity had her Hawk Awards Night tonight. She was recognized for her achievements in Academic Decathlon.

Gold: Top AC DEC Scholastic Team Scorer

Bronze: Super Quiz Team, 3rd Place Regional

The little one for Choir-Belle Chanson, Class 2 Superior Rating / 1 (Best) for Ensemble

At the start of the ceremonies...

Here's L-Infinity after she received her medals.

Next year, she'll move up to Honors AC DEC Team and as a Co-Captain.

Great job, L! Keep on flying higher towards your dreams!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


farmerswife17 said...

Tell L congrats on her great achievemnets! Sounds like she has worked hard!

I am so excited for Mr. Man to be done with the internship, but sad he has to go so far away! We will keep praying he can get assigned closer for the next bidding!

Chandy said...

Thanks, sis! I know... We're sad, too. :-( Our fingers are crossed!