Saturday, May 30, 2009

Test Results are IN!

And J-Pony and L-Infinity did a great job on their TAKS tests! It's equivalent to the Terra Nova and SAT-9.

J-Pony missed being COMMENDED (better than national average) by 1 point on one of the categories. But had a very impressive score all around! She's still in the 99th percentile. Last year, she got a perfect score! Great job, J!

L-Infinity got COMMENDED on all categories, putting her also on the 99th percentile and which qualified her to earn a FREE 100% grade on any major tests, except finals, on Math, English, Science and Social Studies next school year! That's 4 perfect tests she gets to earn! Woohoo! That is a big burden off her shoulders as it will be her Senior year and the stakes are higher. You know how right I am about that.

I-Dude and J-Pony earned themselves an A-B Honor roll both semesters; she forgot to turn in two-three homeworks each semester and he got sick too many times and missed graded classwork. We just don't know what happened to those homeworks.
They both got good grades in LEAP so we're happy. J got nominated and awarded "A Kid with Character", meaning she excelled in all six traits! She earned a spot on the Hall of Fame Wall! I-Dude had a near Perfect on both Math and Spelling and he is the Best Reader in class. If he didn't miss any tests from being sick, he would have been in the "A Honor Roll" on both semesters, a goal to work on next year...
Also, for reading 1000 minutes last summer, I-Dude and J-Pony pioneer the first ever, along with the other first set of students (only 31 out of hundreds), commemoration plaque of the very first Readers Hall of Fame program sponsored by the PTA for the school. You bet we're doing that again! They both earned a medal and certificate at the start of the year.
They also both earned their second round of Six Flags tickets for reading 6 hours during the Six Flags Reading challenge.

Oh, you didn't know, my children are bonafide bookworms! They would bypass a snack if there's a new book in the house! Love them for that!

Now, as J-Pony gets ready to wind down from 4th grade next week and enjoy summer to get ready for 5th grade... L-Infinity has to focus her natural talents to get an edge on the competition and start to pick a college. I personally, am biting my nails as to which one she'll choose! I'm hoping for BYU of course! ;-)

Enjoy your Saturday...


Smilingsal said...

Congratulations to you as well as to your children!

Chandy said...

Thanks, Sal! We're quite pleased!