Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reconnecting with Mesa Friends!

Saturday was spent getting together with friends that were close to us when we lived in Mesa, Arizona. We were so glad that most were available to see us!

First stop was at the campus housing to see my old friend, Heidi. She was my wonderful neighbor and friend even though she had her own burden to deal with. She made things bearable for me while I was there especially when she moved closer. Our children played on this Loop a lot after school. It was great seeing them all again and our children never had any awkward moments, what a memory to cherish- our girls took off to hide from the cameras like they used to do! Her MIL was visiting them as well and she remembered us. How awesome was that?

From L to R- D-Band (her oldest), T-Gamer, my own J-Pony, H-Sweetie, my I-Dude in front of his sister L-Infinity, A-Tenderheart and Heidi. E-Cutie is inside sleeping in her crib.

Here's Heidi and I. Yes, it was that bright! I couldn't blame her for shading her eyes... We saw her baby E-Cutie as well but since I didn't quite get her permission, I opted not to show it. I will send her the copies though via email...
Then we're off to the Mesa LDS Temple to get some last minute photo ops with Shelby and Michelle. Here's L-Infinity with her BFF, Shelby in front of the Christus inside the Visitor's Center. She met us for lunch at Ono's Hawaiian BBQ place in Gilbert, Ross and then drove with L to the temple with us.
Here's another and closer shot of the two of them. They make a point to see each other when they can. She visited us before for L's 16th birthday party. They had a blast!
J-Pony and I-Dude with Michelle, my "adopted" daughter. We've known Michelle since 2003 and she calls as often as she can. She met us Thursday night for dinner and stayed with the kids, Friday night for dinner at IHOP and Saturday at the temple.
Michelle and I. I love that purple top on her, but then again I love purple on most things, lol. I think it really looked great on her with those glasses, too!
Here she is in one of the exhibit rooms. The Book of Mormon exhibit. I just love her smile.
Then we all went to the park, but since she had to eat lunch and got invited to dinner, the kiddos are tired and Mr. Man too, I ended up taking pictures of birds mostly at the Riverview Fishing Park. Then we went to Fosters for dinner. As it turned out, it was also D-Swing's birthday! He is now 9! R & M Foster have known us since they moved in to our old ward in Cali back in 1999 and moved three months before we did to AZ. They lived in Mesa, we lived in Gilbert. So it was great to see D-Swing be just a growing baby in M's tummy to a nine year old boy! I think almost two years was the longest we haven't seen each other. We invited each other for the holidays, birthdays and just because dinners. There's K-Lovely, their baby daughter, she is adorable and very friendly. She got attached to J-Pony right away and was quite sad when we left. So was J...

I am so grateful for these friends that made us feel better and welcome while we were there... We missed several other people, but I know that we will come back again so we'll just make sure that we have more time to spare to see more of them...

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