Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mr. Man's Turn and a Broadway Treat

Mr. Man is done with his Apprenticeship Program in SWA. YaY!!! So, he also graduated! ;-)

His company and department treated them to a wonderful Italian luncheon and a brief but very warm graduation ceremony at the end.

This is just before the luncheon; the whole Maintenance Department dedicated a plane and purchased a bust of Charles E. Taylor, the first airplane engine inventor and mechanic. The descendants were in attendance, the grandson and great grandson.

Doesn't Mr. Man look great next to this plane?

This is at Bugatti's, right after lunch. Mr. Man was the last one to get his certificate, but then again... there are only three of them! ;-) On your left, in blue, is the VP of Maintenance and on their right, Don, his manager. On our table were all three graduates, me and Glen's wife and the Director of Maintenance (one in the cap).

It was quite an honor to be at that table. Even though it was a casual setting,

I felt underdressed with my black t-shirt and sandals.

With certificates- Gene, Mr. Man & Glen

They are all surrounded by all of their superiors.

I guess it must Italian Day rather than just for dinner since lunch and dinner was, well... Italian food!

Luncheon- Bugatti's Ristorante (Creamy Shrimp Scampi Sauce over Capellini & Salmon with Basil Alfredo Sauce)

Dinner- Palio's (Pizza & Garlic Breadsticks)

Followed by a school concert courtesy of L-Infinity's Choir. The theme, "Broadway". It was amazing! Her Belle Chanson group (all girls) performed songs from "Hairspray".

Just before the concert

The highlights of their performance.

They sang

"Good Morning Baltimore", "I Can hear the Bells" and "Welcome to the 60's"

Yes, "D-Boy" came again to support her. Isn't he just the best boyfriend for L?