Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still Trying to Slow Down...

At least I still have my fingers crossed! LOL

This day was spent going to Marshall's looking at some dishes to get my fix. Then got some laundry done and more reorganizing / paring down of clothes while Mr. Man still has some time before he starts his new work schedule next week.

After the kiddos got home, there's the Ac Dec Banquet to get ready for and the B1G1FREE Year-End School Book Fair. We were served a free Hotdog dinner and I-Dude even won a $5 Polser Bucks Coupon and earned himself a FREE Book! Plus, I found myself volunteering for any At-Home PTA assignments. They're thinking Directory. I'm thinking... I did that for L-Infinity's 6th grade year, I can do it again for J-Pony's 5th grade year.

Now, we actually have some resting time and are watching the movie "RV". It's fun so far except I highly recommend watching with no subtitles on if with children.

Since Monday was spent with Memorial Day dinner, Tuesday was Awards night, Wednesday was school errands night, we decided to appoint tonight as FHE night, just being together... Something worth trying!

See you all tomorrow...


Hansonpatch said...

Hi Chandy,
I created a post for tablescape Thursday and set it to automatically post on next Thursday, but I am not sure how to do all the linking stuff. Can you help me with that? I would greatly appreciatte it. Thanks again for the tip on Frys Marketplace. I know the one you are talking about, and I can't wait to go! I know its hard but slowing down is a very good thing sometimes. Tell the Fam Hi, and congrats to MR. Man!

Chandy said...

Will do on the Hi and Congrats!

And I do hope we can get you set up for next Thursday. It's really fun!